(November 29, 2023) Africans Rising for Unity, Justice, Peace and Dignity strongly condemns the death and destruction caused by the war in Sudan and calls for immediate cessation of hostilities. It has been eight months of trauma, bloodshed, terror, anguish, despair, sexual violence and rape against women and young girls since the fight between the two warring factions of the Sudan military – Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) broke out. This war is an outcome of failed political processes which has further plunged the country into one of the worst humanitarian crises. According to the latest reports by the United Nations, the death toll now stands at 9,000, over 5.6 million people have been displaced and another 25 million in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.  

With little media attention, many are not even aware of it. We must not allow Sudan to be totally forgotten. Those who escaped death by bullets, are now struggling to survive as they face acute hunger and starvation.  For how long will this continue? We must act now!  We are therefore calling on everyone across the globe to join us in demanding an end to the war in Sudan. 

Saturday  2nd December, 2023, will be the Day of Solidarity with Sudan and we are coming out to raise awareness and show solidarity with our fellow Africans in Sudan. This day has been initiated by Africans Rising to bring international attention to the situation in Sudan and appeal to the conscience of Africans all over the world to stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan. This follows our recently launched Pan-African Solidarity humanitarian initiative for Sudan aimed to rally and mobilise resources and other humanitarian assistance to support and prevent any further loss of life and indignity from this war to those in the country and refugee camps in the neighbouring countries. 

“I am very disappointed by African governments for the total lack of support and solidarity on the war in Sudan. Are they waiting for Europeans and Americans to solve this issue? Upon all the deaths and destruction, there is little concern or action. This is unacceptable. African citizens must rise up to the occasion”, says Hardi Yakubu, Africans Rising Movement Coordinator.

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