Celebrate in their lifetime inspiring women working for social justice and well-being in their communities.

« Invisible Giants » is a series of events in partnership with Heinrich Böll Foundation (Dakar – Sénégal) to celebrate the African women on the continent and in the diaspora working tirelessly in their communities for social change.

“Invisible Giants” was born out of a desire to highlight extraordinary women working in a simple and unobtrusive way for the development of their communities; activists at their levels for social change.

The “Invisible Giants” project celebrates women in Dakar and in the countryside of Senegal, specifically Kaolack, Toubab Dialaw, Saint-Louis and Ziguinchor. These women are recognized for their commitment to their communities and their outstanding work for sustainable development. Their stories, journeys and experiences are shared and used to inspire other women working for change in their communities.Coumba Touré

Coumba Toure

I am a feminist and a women’s rights defender. These are commitments that I carry through the different organizations I work with.

Why Invisible Giant

Faya Rose Touré is the first person to draw my attention to the invisibility of women. She said that from the civil rights movements, people all over the world know names like Martin Luther King and so on, but that there are women who did the same work for the rights of Africans in the United States who people don’t talk about. She started this commemoration to recognize and celebrate the work that these women have done.