Coordinating Collective


The Coordinating Collective serves as the “Board of Directors” of the movement. It is an elected committee with the overall responsibilities for the oversight and governance of the coordination and implementation of the Movement’s strategies, plans and activities. Members are elected directly every 2 years by and are accountable to the registered members of the movement. 

Tandungang Laura Njiju

Human Rights Activist
Tandungang Laura Njiju is a young humanitarian and a change maker with a master’s degree in public health.She is particularly interested in issues relating to women and adolescents’ health, gender equality, gender-based violence, human rights, governance, public policy, and climate change.
She has extensive experience reporting on research, analyzing data, and monitoring and evaluating projects. 
She has specialized knowledge on women’s and adolescent health, social norms, as well as technical expertise in facilitating talks on anti-racism, decolonization, and marginalization.

Mutemi Wa Kiama

Community Organizer, Movement Builder

Mutemi wa Kiama is a Revolutionary & Community Organizer, a Movement Builder and Coach, a Social Entrepreneur on Common Good or #UTU (Our Humanness) with Mzalendo Halisi Foundation. He is mainly to be found organizing in the Kenyan Province of Africa.

Grace Atuhaire

Freelance writer, and social justice activist.

Grace Atuhaire is  a Ugandan political scientist specializing in global studies of peace and security in Africa. She is  also a poet, freelance writer, and social justice activist. Currently a Ph.D Candidate in Political Sciences at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in Germany and her research is on the process for continued securitization in Garissa, Kenya. As the outgoing Diaspora and International Relations Coordinator for the Alliance National Transformation (ANT) in Uganda, she has gained valuable experience in diaspora affairs and international relations, engaging in critical global issues. She is proud to be a member of Africans Rising, advocating for unity, justice, peace, and dignity, and actively contributing to FemWise Africa, promoting women’s participation in mediation. With extensive qualifications and accomplishments, particularly in global studies of peace and security in Africa, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of complex matters. Collaborating with intergovernmental organisations, multi- lateral organisations, civil society, and the private sector has further enriched her skills. Driven by a passion for political science, social justice activism, writing, and poetry, she uses her voice to catalyse positive change. 

Lucky Ninsiima

Founder and Executive Director of INUA

Lucky Ninsiima  is a humanitarian, a human rights activist, seasoned leader, Representative of the Youth Special Interest Group in the Local Government, Founder and Executive Director of INUA – a non for profit community based organization fostering transformation through sensitization, advocacy & empowerment. She championed adult learning & skills training in Serengeti as a tool against Female Genital Mutilation at Nyumba Salama under the Anglican Church of Tanzania. She is an entrepreneur who is providing solutions to African problems in the food systems.Lucky is also a Peace Advocate under the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network where she has served as the Uganda country Coordinator, Network’s Training Coordinator, and now the Africa Region Coordinator. Lucky is a Graphics designer who uses art as an activism tool, and a graduate of Uganda Christian University.Lucky believes that it’s only a united African force that will deliver Africa to its full potential, and is here to join forces with the board to build solidarity and cooperation.

Jonas Promise

Chairman and Board member of trustees HAPPY HOME

Jonas Ndubuisi Promise is the Chairman and member of the Board of trustees HAPPY HOME. An NGO  that reaches out to the less privileged, providing needed interventions. He is a public speaker, a writer and Health activist. He is also a member of concerned Nigerian and a councillor at the Nigerian Initiative on Equal Rights. Jonas served as assistant to the leader of Social Justice and Fairness in Nigeria.

Mbeh Sandrine Diribe

Founder of the Lights of Hope Africa

Mbeh Sandrine Diribe  is a young female Cameroonian who has emerged from being a victim of rape to a tenacious advocate and change maker. She specializes in research, policy advocacy, awareness raising and humanitarian action. She is the Founder of the Lights of Hope Africa, a non-profit and non-governmental organization which works for: Child protection, girls empowerment, youth engagement and peace building. Sandrine has been internationally recognized amongst the 100 most positively inspiring African youths of 2017, and is a winner of the DigCit award for her use of the Internet in combatting sexual violence. She is a member of the National Women’s Convention for Peace in Cameroon (the lone standing group to have received the German – Africa prize from the German Africa Foundation), an organizing committee member of the University Lecture on Peace in Africa (a peace building initiative by young people in Cameroon that enhances the UNSCR 2250 thereby combatting radicalization and violent extremism amongst young people amidst the multiple current conflicts in Cameroon), is a consumer reviewer for Cochrane where she specializes in reviewing research work on the psychological impact of sexual abuse on children and adults and trauma healing techniques, and has interned with the African Child Policy Forum where for a period of six months she built skills on policy advocacy techniques/strategies.

Nandini Tanya Lallmon

Research Scholar

Nandini Tanya Lallmon is a research scholar who is developing methodologies to bridge the gap between policy and practice in the African Small Island Developing states. Appointed as African Youth Charter Hustler for Mauritius by the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy, she fosters the active empowerment of minority youth by adopting a decolonial perspective on human rights. Her engagement in the Coordinating Collective implies representation of marginalised youth in international mechanisms. This will help her further the disability rights movement in Africa and contribute to bridging the gap in terms of access, capacity, skills, resources, and participation of underrepresented young female disabled activists from African Small Island Developing States.

Kayongo Brian

Co-founded Generation Lead Zambia

Kayongo Brian has a wealth of experience spanning over 17 years’  in the development sector and has held various senior portfolios within local and INGO spaces in Zambia and Globally.  He co-founded and led Generation Lead Zambia (as Commander in Chief)- a Pan African movement in Zambia bringing together post Independence generation from diverse backgrounds to pursue a collective organising work towards actualising a post independence generational leadership which will emancipate Zambia and forge ahead with a vision of a borderless Africa. Brian currently works for Healthy Learners as Director of Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships. Before this appointment, he spent 4 years as Global Fundraising Manager for the Fight Inequality Alliance Movement where he led donor partnerships and supported movement building in Pan Africa, Asia and Latin America regions. Brian also served as Head of Fundraising and Partnerships for ActionAid International Zambia, Policy and Partnerships lead at MarieStopes International in Zambia, Funding Manager for Oxfam GB in Zambia and Grants Acquisition Advisor for Norwegian Church Aid (Joint Country Programme in Zambia) among other senior portfolios. He has also served in similar regional and international collectives such as African Youth and Adolescent Network on Population and Development (AfriYan) and the UNFPA Global Youth Advisory Panel (GYAP) where he was President and Member respectively. 

Salma Hosseiny

Human rights defender

Salma Hosseiny is a woman human rights defender from Cairo, Egypt. She worked for the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) from 2011 to 2015 as a Middle East and North Africa program officer in Cairo and Tunis. In 2018, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland to work with the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR). In her current work, she works to support human rights defenders from across the world to use the UN human rights system strategically to advance their advocacy agendas. Salma also leads ISHR’s work in the North Africa and Middle East region and the racial justice program focused on Africans and people of African descent. She is inspired by the vision of Africans Rising for a unified African movement for justice, peace and dignity. She is committed to investing my energy and skills to contribute to that goal. She believes that our power is in our unity and that it is required for us to continue the struggles for decolonization that our ancestors started.

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