5 things you can do for Sudan on the Day of Solidarity

Fellow Africans, the war in Sudan between the Sudan Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces has claimed almost 10000 lives. Millions are displaced and are living in refugee camps with little to no basic supplies. It has been eight months since the war broke out, and there is no end in sight. And it is a humanitarian catastrophe.  With little media attention, many are not even aware.

On December 2, 2023 (Saturday), we are coming out to raise awareness and show solidarity with our fellow Africans in Sudan. The 8-month-old war has so far killed thousands and displaced millions. For those who escaped death by bullets, they are now struggling to escape death by hunger. We must act. 

  1. Organize a night vigil to commemorate the victims of the war. And demand an end to the war. #StopSudanWar

  2. A peace March in your community or country. #March4Sudan 

  3. Do a placard with the hashtags #IstandwithSudan and #StopSudanWar … take a picture and upload to your social media. Tag Africans Rising

  4. Record a short video of yourself shouting #IstandwithSudan #StopSudanWar, upload to your social media. Tag @AfricansRising

  5. Do an outreach to collect material donations such as clothes, bags of rice, uncooked food items etc for the Pan-African Solidarity Action for Sudan. www.africansrising.org/pan-african-solidarity-action-for-sudan Or donate your own items to the Pan-African Solidarity Action for Sudan.
    Call the following numbers: Kenya +254723133329; Uganda +256780228052; South Sudan +211917823838; 

You can let us know if you need any form of support. 

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