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As a movement of the people, the Africans Rising network is composed of over 30,000 members, including 800 organisations, working in local communities across Africa and the diaspora. Our members are in 52 countries in Africa and 56 countries in the diaspora. They are organisers, activists, community leaders, young people, mobilizers and citizens who have a profound and broad understanding of their communities and their communities’ needs.


As the Africans Rising movement was being created five years ago, one of the key agreements was that the movement should be self-funded by Africans (individuals and organisations) based on the continent as well as worldwide. The founding members also welcomed any supporters who align with our values, vision and mission to participate. In 2023, the Africans Rising resource mobilisation unit will be stepping up our efforts to make this mandate a reality.


We have ongoing volunteer opportunities available for individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Whether you want to work on an ongoing project, help organize an event, or simply lend a hand wherever needed, we welcome your support. Some of our current volunteer opportunities include: Community outreach; Event planning; Fundraising:

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