Pan-African Secretariat

The Pan-African Secretariat is the coordination and management unit of the Movement composed of paid and unpaid staff, interns and volunteers. The Secretariat and its staff, interns and volunteers are dispersed and multi-located. It is headed by the Movement Coordinator

Hardi Yakubu

Movement Coordinator

Ousman Sarr

Finance & Admin Lead

Ancel Langwa

Engagement & Collaboration Lead

Ann Njagi

Communication & Media Lead

Harrison Boakye

Resource Mobilization Officer

Fatou Gillen Njie

Finance & Admin officer

Prince Akpah

Engagement & Collaboration Officer

Maurice Samba

Web-manager & Graphic Designer

Patricia Servant

Engagement Assistant US-Team

Tobias Wanyoike

Social Media Associate

Aneth Mbame

Regional Organiser - Communications & Media

Amanda Lieto

Regional Organiser - Resources Mobilisation

Mercury Shitindo

Regional Organiser - Resources Mobilisation

Anne Osamba

Regional Organiser - Engagement & Collaboration
Africans Rising


Ambassadors Kumi Naidoo Human rights and climate justice activist. Bio Kumi Naidoo is a South African human rights and environmental activist.  He was International Executive

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Africans Rising

Coordinating Collective

Coordinating Collective 2023-2025 The Coordinating Collective serves as the “Board of Directors” of the movement. It is an elected committee with the overall responsibilities for

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