Africans Rising is a Pan-African movement of people and organisations, working for peace, justice, and dignity.

Africans Rising looks to play a critical role on the continent pushing governments, business, and even established global and national NGOs to focus on challenges African’s deem critical, including demands for a fair global trading system, concrete action to address the effects of climate change and the creation and strengthening of a representative coalition to protect our natural resources and the environment.

Africans Rising has a specific focus on issues including:


Expanding space for civic and political action


Fighting for women’s rights and freedoms across society


Focusing on the right to equity and dignity


Ensuring good democratic and corruption-free governance


Promoting climate and environmental justice

The Validation Conference

The Validation Conference took place between the 23rd and 24th of August 2016 at the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation (TCDC), in Arusha, Tanzania. 272 delegates attended the conference from 40 Africans countries in addition to an honorable representation by the African Diaspora. 51% of the delegates were women and 60% were under the age of 35. The conference deliberately positioned all its participants on an equal level and 397 US Dollars spontaneously contributed to the movement.

The Africa Civil Society Centre

The process that started out as the Africa Civil Society Centre (October 2015), widened into the Africa Civil Society Initiative (May 2016), eventually, since the 24th August 2016 is known as Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity is the result of a bottom-up series of on and offline consultations and dialogues between and amongst social movements, NGOs, peoples and popular social justice movements, intellectuals, artists, sportspeople, cultural activists, and others, across the AU determined regions of the continent, including the Diaspora.

Since our inception in May 2017

Since our inception in May 2017, we have continuously developed a deep awareness of the need to restructure our movement against the norms of the conventional NGO internal governance. Our consultations have revealed a major cynicism towards traditional political structures, NGO influences and even towards local civil society entities. Africa’s youth have a deep sense of detachment to any form of labels and it is our job to understand what Pan-Africanism means to millennials. The systematically dysfunctional political leadership has rendered our youth cynical of any collaborative future. Hence, the confirmation of the consensus that Africans are rising but on their own terms and with unconventional rules.

AfricansRising is not just a mantra, nor a mere fashion statement. It is a genesis of a movement driven by a people who have a conviction that this beautiful continent is for all its citizens to enjoy and that its people have the capacity to manage its affairs.
Hilma Mote
Executive Director at Africa Labour Research and Education Institute
The reference in the name is not to Africa, the continent, but to Africans, the people – I love that! This is a network through which I can connect with people that understand, that support, that critique.
Ayak Chol Deng Alak
Epidemiologist and founding member of Anataban, South Sudan
As we move forward, Africans Rising remains an authentic concept with immeasurable possibilities and I remain committed to helping the cause in every possible capacity. Our community is strong and vibrant, and together we will continue our efforts to work towards Justice, Peace and Dignity.
Kumi Naidoo
Founding Chair of Africans Rising

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