Africans Rising has officially launched the Pan-African Solidarity Action for Sudan. This was during a virtual event that took place on 28th September,  2023.

Speaking on behalf of the Movement Coordinator, Ancel Langwa, the Engagement and Collaboration Lead said, “being a people’s movement, and one of the major outcomes of the All Africans Movement Assembly (AAMA) that took place in Arusha, Tanzania in 2022, Africans Rising created the Pan-African Solidarity Action Network to be able to support Africans in distress”.

She added that the action will start in countries in East Africa due to their proximity to Sudan. The  people would then donate their personal items to show solidarity to our fellow Africans in Sudan.

Talking about UN efforts to stop the war in Sudan, Kak Ruot, one of the panelists and a Youth Peace Building Coordinator working with UNHCR said that in the last one month, there has been a bit of progress citing the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Sudan who has been touring the neighbouring countries in effort to galvanise support that would lead into negotiations. He further noted that there are still skirmishes within Khartoum with two parties in conflict still engaging in the fight though not as intense as before. There is pressure from neighbouring countries to ensure that negotiations proceed and they are telling the generals that there is no winner in war but should give room for negotiations. Currently South Sudan is experiencing an influx of refugees and the spill is likely to be felt by Egypt, Chad and Ethiopia if the issue is not resolved. As such, relevant actors including AU and IGAD are trying to bring the warring  parties and the Sudanese authorities on the negotiation table because the hierarchy of the negotiations is the Sudanese government. 

Part of his recommendations include: 

  • Finding the root cause of the conflict
  • To have a common ground to put down their grievances
  • Bringing Civil Society of Sudan on board
  • Engaging the two generals and political force 
  • The need to have a permanent ceasefire

Sharing his views, Sohiel Elsayed, a Sudanese national said the current war in Sudan is beyond the generals of the Sudanese army and the paramilitary force. He noted that the crisis concerns food security and also due to the colossal amount of natural resources that Sudan is endowed with hence the country has been politically abducted and kidnapped. Some foreign and African countries are fueling the war in Sudan in order to grab the resources. He was convinced there was also a connection to the former ruler Omar Bashir, underscoring the complex nature of the conflict. Meanwhile civilians continue to suffer.

Zam Zam Haroun, an activist from Alfasher North Darfur and one of the panelists said, “after the UN Security Council 78 session,  it is clear the world has agreed in one voice to stop the war in Sudan; the situation and intensity of fighting is called down and some government institutions have resumed work, including the banking systems”. She added that some of the efforts made include: helping Vulnerable Communities Organization, distribution of Dignity Kits for two Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) gathering centers in El Fasher town. She concluded by saying that:  

  • Africans Rising can complement these efforts by planning to continue the distribution of Dignity Kits and providing psychosocial support to the girls and women affected by the conflict
  • Establish fora for women groups to identify the gaps for women led CSOs to enhance their capacity to respond to the emergency 
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the relevant entities.

Atab Shahid, a participant from Darfur region, said the situation in Sudan is catastrophic with a significant shortage of relief materials, life-saving medicine, and violations against civilians. He then urged Pan-Africans to form pressure mechanisms on the government of Sudan, African neighbours and address the international community with the need to stop war immediately in order to save the people and begin to have a constructive dialogue. They need to allow the international community to provide relief support especially in the Darfur region which is mostly affected. 

Talking about the coordination and the different collection points, Yoal Gatkuoth, John Mbaziira and Anne Osamba emphasized on the fact that as Africans we cannot leave the protection and support of Africans to the western world. This is the time to show solidarity to our African brothers and sisters in Sudan. We need to make a statement that we shall never allow war and crimes against humanity to prevail when we are silent. 

The Resource Mobilisation Lead of Africans Rising, Dorothy Adebanjo said it’s time for Africans to stand up in solidarity for one and all. With this, she presented the different financial donation platforms (Orange Money Africa, Mpesa, MTN Ghana, Bank card, PayPal and Bitcoin). 

The event ended with a call on all present to make material and financial donations for Sudan and some pledges made on the spot included 70kgs of Kenyan rice from Tobias and friends, 50 dollars from Aneth and 25kgs rice from Anne Rose among others.  


For more information on where to drop your items and send your financial donations: 

Facebook live

Watch the launch here

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