African Liberation Week

The 2024 African Liberation week will be celebrated under the broad theme “A Borderless Africa for All Africans”. This year’s mobilisation is a continuation of last year’s mobilisation and will be used to continue to push the vision of an Africa where Africans can move around their own continent without the current restrictions in place, for better trade, integration and development.


The 2024 African Liberation Week's mobilisation is focused on the broad theme of “A Borderless Africa for All Africans” Africans Rising’s members will also organise activities on these 2 important sub-themes.

Theme and sub-themes

I. Pan-African Solidarity with African Countries Affected by Conflicts
II. Climate and Environmental Justice , Gender Justice, and Economic Justice

Key Objectives

  • Bring Africans together to work on advocating for the ratification and enforcement of the AU protocol on the free movement of people in Africa.
  • Provide a platform for key stakeholders to meet, share experiences and exchange on the benefits of abolishing borders and visas for Africans in Africa and the diaspora. 
  • Raise awareness of the different conflicts in Africa and rally pan-African solidarity  in ending these conflicts 
  • Call for climate and environmental Justice, Gender Justice and Economic Justice in Africa

Mobilisation Activities

  • Activity registration for Borderless Africa Convening African Liberation Week
  • Activity Calendar and Map
  • Pre-ALW conversation with members. These will offer the opportunity for questions, clarifications and guidance on the mobilisation.
  • Formal launch and press conference in Zambia on May 23rd (Hybrid)
  • Organisation of the Borderless Africa Convening ( May 23rd to May 25th)
  • Organisation of a Pan-African-wide Borderless Africa March
  • The organisation of events that cover the sub-themes throughout the week

Registration & Participation

Activities marking the African Liberation Week will be held from the 20th to the 26th of May 2024. To register your event or activity to be part of the 2024 mobilisation

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