Pan-African Peacemakers Alliance (PAPA) team, a partner in this initiative and a member of Africans Rising paid a visit to Gorom refugee camp on November 12th, 2023 to assess the condition of Sudanese refugees who had fled their country due to the ong-going war. The team aimed to evaluate the situation and explore ways to assist those in need. Unfortunately, most of the refugees in this refugee camp are living in appalling conditions; they lack basic necessities such as clothing, beddings, foodstuffs,  cooking utensils, cooking oil, medical resources, menstrual supplies, or first aid kits, proper shelter and have  mental health disorders and other medical conditions. There is also a high risk of disease outbreaks given the condition of overcrowding in the camp and poor sanitation. Despite the “adequate security” being provided, the refugees’ lives are still at a risk due to the lack of proper support. 

Unfortunately, the team that had visited the camp was detained by security personnel who neither wanted anyone to film nor take images of the refugees or interview them about their conditions. The security personnel deleted all those photos and videos taken by the team and instructed them to leave the camp immediately. The refugees are in dire need of humanitarian assistance and we appeal to everyone to support them both materially and financially to restore their dignity and stop any further loss of life. 

The Freedom Movement Uganda, a partner in this initiative and a member of Africans Rising held a press conference on the 9th November and highlighted the humanitarian crisis and plight of the survivors of this war. They called on their fellow Ugandans to continue taking action by sending both material and financial donations of any size and amount to support lives at risk. More items were donated during this event.

  • They received clothes, including some beddings for babies. And all total to 160 items.
  • 3 bottles of Liquid soap, 4 plates and a bottle
  • Pledges and more awareness raising materials.
  • 74 items, clothes, bedsheets, babyshows among others
  • 6 caps
  • 10kg maize flour
  • 10 packs Sanitary towels 
  • 3 litres cooking oil
  • 1 pack diapers of 41 pieces
  • Pairs of shoes, 
  • 1 mosquito net
  • 1 pack tissues 


You too can make a difference by sending your donations. Learn more on the items you can give, the drop off points, donation channels and any other

Donate hereIn case you missed, read and watch the recording of the launch here.

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In solidarity with Sudan, #AfricansRising movement launched a humanitarian initiative to support the survivors displaced by the on-going war. 

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Africans Rising invites you to be part of the Pan-African Solidarity for Sudan so as to quickly rally and mobilize resources and other humanitarian assistance to support and prevent any further loss of life and indignity from this war to those in-country and those in refugee camps in the neighboring countries.

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