Africans Rising Annual Reports


We’re very proud of this movement reports, our community is excited to share with our milestones and stories!

The reference in Africans Rising is not to Africa, the continent, but to Africans, the people. I love that! This is a network through which I can connect with people that understand, support and critique.


This year has challenged us in unprecedented ways. Plans were disrupted, priorities shifted, in addition to the social justice work we are committed to; we took on the challenge of keeping our communities safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Where there is injustice, there is resistance. Resistance takes different forms: from individuals breaking cultural norms by refusing to submit to unjust customs, to larger movements bringing down oppressive dictators by challenging prevailing state systems which may seem impossible…


As Africans Rising we’re building a movement for a second African Liberation. We share the common reality of being divided, subjected to serious political manipulation and facing a brutal economic exploitation. We share the untold stories of the irreversible damage…

Launch Report

Thursday, 25 May 2017 dawned like any other day everywhere on the African continent, with one minor difference, that there was in the air, considerable palpation, tension, anxiety and, energy about fulfilling a promise of the Kilimanjaro Declaration:

We commit to mobilising our people in Africa as we launch this Movement on the 25th May 2017, when we deepen the meaning of African Liberation Day and call on all sectors of our society to mobilise and organise events in every African country that will build the momentum towards the genuine liberation of our beautiful continent.


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