Africans Rising's

Pan-African Solidarity Action
for the people of Sudan


Sudan has been afflicted by civil wars and coups in spite of her long struggle to institute a stable government. The conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) troops began on 15 April this year. The war has left an estimated 5,000 people dead, dozens wounded, over 7.1 million displaced and destruction of property. 

The ongoing conflict has created a humanitarian catastrophe and has had a devastating impact on half of the population. As the war rages,  the impact of the situation which has been far reaching has left the general population in a disastrous state with greater threats, risks and vulnerabilities such as sources of livelihood cut off leading to starvation threats, high level of insecurity, people fleeing for safety and a shaken economy. Women, children and other vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities continue to bear the brunt with women being subjected to sexual and gender-based violence and other inhumane acts. Credible reports indicate that over 10 million children are unable to receive essential services for survival and well-being. 

Our Intervention

In the spirit of agenda 2063 of the #AfricaWeWant, Africans Rising is in solidarity with the people of Sudan. We are launching a call for a Pan-African Solidarity Action for Sudan on Thursday, September 28 in a virtual event to rally and mobilize  resources and other humanitarian assistance to support  and prevent any further loss of life and indignity from this conflict to those in the country and refugee camps in the neighboring countries. The people of Africa deserve unity, justice, peace and dignity and this is our clarion call as the Africans Rising movement.

How can you support?

You can support our Pan-African solidarity Action for Sudan by donating your personal items  if you are in the East African Region or financially by using the following options. 

+221 786848623



What Materials can you donate?

Clothes, Blankets, sheets, Mattresses small – private sector manufacturing these goods, dried food, goats, , rice, flour, Children items – toys, dried milk powders, recreational items, diapers, Plates cups, cooking utensils, cooking oil, medical resources, menstrual supplies, first aid kits.

Collection Points for Material donations

South Sudan

PAPA –  Pan-African Peacemakers Alliance
Munuki, Suk Libia, Behind JCC School

WhatsApp / Signal: +211(0)917823838 / 0923608451



Uzalendo Afrika Initiative (UAI)
Taiyebi house, 2nd floor adjacent KEBS building ,

Nkrumah road Mombasa ,Kenya 

Email : or Cell N°: +254 793 590 456


Kayole Community Justice Center
Nairobi, Near Kayole Police Station
Cell N°:  +254 723 133329

Ukombozi Library
Uniway House, 2nd Floor along University Way
Call: +254 701 387 026


African youth commission
Nine planets apartment 
Off ngong road Nairobi



Freedom Center, 
Kireka Kamuli Road, 
opposite Kamuli Church of Uganda Primary School. 
Cell N°: (+256) 774405806


Activista Tanzania Office
Located at Global Platform premises in Mbezi Beach area,
Dar es salaam
Cell N°: +255 755 878 222

Day of Solidarity with Sudan

Online and offline activity

Organise an online and offline activity to raise awareness on the situation in Sudan. Some activities you can organise include fireside chats, zoom webinars, community visits, marches, twitter chats, storytelling sessions, physical discussions, media visits, etc.

Donate at least $5

Donate at least $5 to the Pan African Solidarity Action or send material contributions to any of the collection points. There are a variety of donate options available on our website

Take a Picture

Take a Picture holding a paper that has all or any of the following hashtags - #SudanDay #StopSudanWar #IamTheSudanRevolution #SolidaritywithSudan and share on social media. Tag @africansrising on all posts shared.

Record 10 second video

Take a short 10 second video in which you say words like “Stop the War in Sudan '', “I am the Sudan Revolution " , "I stand in solidarity with Sudan ''. Share the video alongside your social media handles to
Activities Report

Updates on the Pan-African Solidarity Action for Sudan

Pan-African Peacemakers Alliance (PAPA) team, a partner in this initiative and a member of Africans Rising paid a visit to Gorom refugee camp on November 12th, 2023 to assess the condition of Sudanese refugees who had fled their country due to the ong-going war.

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For more information,

 send an email to

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