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Is the price-tag of the Israeli investment too high for Ghana?

As we confront the challenges of poverty, unemployment, economic liberation and creating a better future for the Ghanaian people, we must also support those who are yet to achieve their liberation, and yet to begin the process of decolonisation, such as the occupied and colonised Palestinian people. A free and independent Ghana became home to anti-colonial activists, exiles and asylum seekers on the continent and beyond. Kwame Nkrumah offered them material support and a venue from which they could organise and negotiate their future.

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Africans Rising Calls for a Stop to the Brutal Crackdown on Zimbabweans’ Peaceful Protests

Africans Rising stands in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe and calls on all the active forces of democracy and justice to rise in solidarity with our sisters and brothers. Our movement pledges to do the necessary to support the people of Zimbabwe and we would like to express our sincerest condolences to the families of violence victims. 


Press Release: Africans Rising Condemns the Unlawful Killings in Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique

Cabo Delgado is a gas-rich province and home to abundant mineral resources in Mozambique including hydrocarbons, graphite and rubies. The region, however, remains to be the least developed and the community is disadvantaged on many levels due to the lack of efficient security forces and post-mining rehabilitation.

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Solidarity Declaration by African Activists in Support of the Togolese Struggle

We, a collective of African activists from 11 countries across the continent, came together in Arusha, Tanzania to deliberate, mobilize, and build solidarity for the democratic struggle of the Togolese people against the neocolonial, dynastic dictatorship of Faure Gnassingbe. A…

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