To the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Denunciation and complaint against Mahamadou Touré

To the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Denunciation and complaint against Mahamadou Touré

We: The Anti-slavery Association of West Africa of the Community Soninké, along with our partners bring to the awareness of the Saudi authorities and the Islamic Ummah, the diffusion of preaching that authorizes slavery between Muslims in the name of the Sacred Koran. This preaching brings disrepute to the image of Islam in the world. All lies spread in the name of Allah, the Holy Koran, and its Prophet Mohamed (PSL) is a blasphemy. The Koran, the universal book, appeals for peace, for the unity of mankind, to their mutual knowledge of each other and dignity for all.

In truth, the divine project for mankind has always been to establish justice and equality on earth in order that the fraternity among men was effective and becomes a reality, by the disappearance of discrimination and the ceasing of unmerited privileges. The Koran teaches that the believers “can only be brothers”. In other words, they can only be brothers unless they cease to be believers. In another verse, an appeal is addressed to all humanity, in order to remind them of their common origin.

Allah says “Oh you the humans! We have created you as a male and a female. We have created you in peoples and tribes with the sole aim that you mutually know each other. The noblest among you, nearest to God, are the most pious among you. God is certainly Omniscient and All Knowing”. All of the philosophy of the revelation is summed up in this sublime verse. It refers quite definitively, to know each other and not to mutually dominate each other. To help each other and not to despoil each other. To mutually love each other, and not for one to consider themselves as privileged, and thus superior to others.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the home of the highest saintly authority of all Muslims, we are deeply wounded by the preachings of this man, originally from the Republic of Mali, and of Soninké ethnicity, who for many years has resided in the holy land. This man, known by the name Mahamadou Touré, brings disrepute to the human dignity of numerous Muslims in the Soninké community that sits on the frontiers of a number of West African countries (Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, the Gambia, and Guinea).

Between 2000 and 2019, this preacher who has access to a large audience inside of the Soninké community has distributed a number of audio cassettes, legitimizing slavery as customary by ascendance between Muslims. This scandalous sin that instrumentalizes our holy religion by authorizingthese anti-Islamic practices, such as inter-African slavery organized by the forces of the Jahiliyya on the continent that are actively engaged in by outlaws and other traffickers in humans beings in this zone. His apologetic discourses on these inhuman practices were the cause of innumerable aggressions of every kind, practiced by these Soninké slavers on other people who have revolted against this unacceptable situation. We bring to your attention some images of these atrocities.

In accordance with your position of theological and moral responsibility for Islam in the world, we ask of you to undertake both judicial and administrative prosecution against this man, named Mahamadou Touré. We also bring to the attention of the Saudi authorities the case of this preacher of customary traditions in the holy land, because his fanaticized disciples commit grave crimes towards other people, considered in error by them as their recalcitrant slaves, even though they are Muslims.

The Prophet (may the prayer of Allah and his Salvation be upon him) has said, “The Moslem is the brother of the Moslem, he is not unjust with him, he does not abandon him. And he who cares for the needs of his brother, Allah will take care of his needs. He who comforts a Moslem of his difficulty, Allah will unburden of a worry among worries on the day of resurrection. And he who hides a defect of a believer, Allah will remember theirs on the day of resurrection”

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