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Africans Rising Stories from the Movement

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity is a Pan-African movement of over 30,000 individual members and 800 organizations working across the continent and diaspora to push governments, businesses, and established national and global NGOs to focus on the issues Africans deem critical. The organization provides a space for progressive African civil society leaders and groups engaged in various civic struggles to convene, connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build solidarity among people and across issues.

The Africans Rising Success Story booklet highlights the success stories of our members across the globe. It seeks specifically seeks to:

  • Show our impact to members and stakeholders
  • Convey our actions and productivity
  • Align our activities with our approaches and pillars
  • Prove impact on the ground/at the grassroots
  • Promote Africans Rising to a wider audience
  • Promote activism and mobilizing as a positive good in Africa the diaspora
  • Generate interest from potential funders, donors and members
  • Inspire hope among activists

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August 2023

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August 2022

Share your successes with our global network

Africans Rising is putting together a success stories booklet. If you or your organization has held an event or achieved success in your activism work, let us know! We want to showcase all the ways our members are working to improve their communities and bring justice, peace, and dignity to the lives of Africans wherever they live. If you would like us to feature your or your movement,