The Kilimanjaro Declaration 2.0 – An updated vision for the Africans Rising movement

The Kilimanjaro Declaration outlines the foundational philosophy of the Africans Rising movement. It was unanimously adopted at the Validation Conference in 2016 which was attended by 272 African delegates from over 40 countries at MS TCDC in Arusha, Tanzania.

The declaration unifies all members of Africans Rising for Unity, Justice, Peace and Dignity, which was formally launched on African Liberation Day, 25 May, 2017. As our founding document, the declaration outlines our common belief in the recognition of the richness of the African continent, its people and its diaspora, and in our commitment to overcome the oppressive systems that plague African and African-descendent people.  

After the first five years of the movement’s achievements, our members undertook a critical analysis of the Kilimanjaro Declaration. Through a series of regional consultations, Africans Rising members provided thoughtful feedback on how the Kilimanjaro Declaration could be revised to better fit the desires of all members of our growing movement in this changing world.

With that feedback, the Africans Rising Coordinating Collective constituted a revision team made up of members from the original Validation Conference and representatives from each region of the continent. The team was co-chaired by two of our Ambassadors, activist Jay Naidoo and Her Excellency Fatoumata Tambajang-Jallow, former vice president of The Gambia. 

After several days of  thorough discussions, the team produced an updated declaration,the Kilimanjaro Declaration 2.0, which was presented to participants at the AAMA for consideration and adoption. It was duly adopted by the assembly on 31st August, 2022, in Arusha, Tanzania.​​

The Kilimanjaro Declaration 2.0 will continue to serve as the movement’s guiding light as we work towards true African liberation. We invite you to read the declaration in full and share it with the Africans, allies and supporters you know are committed to the ideals of Pan-African unity.

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