African Liberation Week

During the 2022 All-African Movement Assembly, delegates launched a campaign called Borderless Africa. The goal of this campaign is to promote the free movement of Africans within Africa and to encourage more countries to ratify the African Union’s protocol on free movement. To raise awareness and gain support for the campaign, the 2023 African Liberation Week is dedicated to mobilising Africans in various activities around free movement. 


The 2023 African Liberation Week's mobilisation is focused on the broad theme of “Borderless Africa” which will also leverage the key milestone of the 60th anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity. This would be an opportunity for Africans to demand the unity that formed the basis of the formation of the OAU and encourage people to push for the abolishment of visas and borders for Africans in Africa. 
Through partnerships with other organisations and for the purpose of diversification, Africans Rising’s members will also organise activities on these 2 important sub-themes.

Theme and sub-themes

Fight for Economic Justice
The multiple crises food, energy, economic, climate

Key Objectives

  • This year’s mobilisation is focused on bringing Africans together to work on advocating for the ratification and enforcement of the AU protocol on the free movement of people in Africa.
  • Provide resources to members to organise activities including demonstrations, concerts, education campaigns and other activities to bring awareness to the Borderless Africa campaign.
  • Provide the platform for dialogue among citizens and governments on the benefits of abolishing borders and visas for Africans in Africa and the diaspora.
  • Raise awareness about the various crises the world finds itself in and how we can work together to ensure Africans are well protected from unknown consequences

Mobilisation Activities

  • Activity registration for African Liberation Week
  • Activity Calendar and Map
  • Formal launch and press conference in Accra and  Nairobi on 22nd May 2023
  • Series of webinars on the 60th Anniversary of the formation of OAU
  • Weekly conversations with members one month before the African Liberation Week. These will offer the opportunity for questions, clarifications and guidance 
  • Use African Liberation Week to amplify the need for African unity. 
  • Organise a Town Hall Discussion with Media Houses on Borderless Africa


Activities marking the African Liberation Week will be held from the 22nd to the 28th of May 2023. To register your event or activity to be part of the 2023 mobilisation

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