Reconstitution of Governance Structure – New Coordinating Collective takes office

(September 18, 2023) – Africans Rising for Unity, Justice, Peace & Dignity has concluded the process of constituting its Coordinating Collective for the 2023-2025 term. The process, which started with open nominations, popular, free, fair and transparent elections concluded with the inaugural meeting in Accra, Ghana. The meeting followed one month of virtual orientation of the newly elected members. This completes a major milestone in the transition timeline.

In line with Article 7 of Africans Rising’s Constitution, CC leadership was chosen as follows; 

Sadly, as we announced, Milouda Bouichou has transitioned to join our ancestors. The secretariat will share communication subsequently on the way forward.

The Coordinating Collective also includes the following members: 

Lucky Ninsiima (Uganda, East Africa), Laura Tandungang (Cameroon, Central Africa), Brian Kayongo (Zambia, Southern Africa), Nandini Tanya Lallmon (Mauritius, Southern Africa), Salma Hosseini (Egypt, North Africa), Sandrine Diribe (Cameroon, Central Africa),  Jonas Ndubisi Promise (Nigeria, West Africa) and Grace Atuhaire (Germany, Diaspora).

Brief profiles of CC leadership

Mutemi wa Kiama – Co-Chair, (Kenya, East Africa) – is a Pan-Africanist, Revolutionary & Community Organizer, a movement building consultant and social entrepreneur for common good or or #UTU (our humanness) with Mzalendo Halisi Foundation. He is mainly to be found organizing in the Kenyan Province of Africa. 

Nalucha Bernadette Nganga  – Treasurer, (Zambia, South Africa) – is a Development practitioner with 15 years’ experience in non-profit development work including program development, strategic planning, fundraising, project management, financial and  donor Management.

Press enquiries:, +254 721707722

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