March 25th, 2019

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace, & Dignity is very shocked by the terror attack on a Malian army camp in Dioura, central Mali. The outrageously inhumane violent raid took place on Saturday leaving a death toll that has climbed to 160 of Malian soldiers and injured women, children, and young people who hailed from surrounding communities. Africans Rising extends its sincere condolences to the victims loved ones and wishes the wounded a speedy recovery. As a pan-African Community, we pay tribute to the Malian security and armed forces, who acted with courage during this attack and continue to risk their lives so that peace and stability can prevail in Mali.

The horrific attack emerged following a rise of violent raids and bombings across towns and villages in Mali. According to UN sources, in the Mopti region alone, successive attacks have led to more than 600 deaths of women, children and men, as well as thousands of displaced persons since March 2018. Africans Rising strongly condemns such acts of destruction and urges that the Malian authorities to bring to justice the so-called “self-defence groups” that have claimed responsibility for horrific intercommunal attacks deliberately targeting civilians in central Mali. We acknowledge that any government should protect its people, and in these specific circumstances, the Malian government has been failing to deliver on its promises of a more secure and inclusive Mali.

Mali’s children are paying the highest price for the intensifying violence in this region. According to UNICEF sources, since 2017, rising insecurity has led to an increase in the killing, maiming and recruitment of children into such violent militia groups, evidently, gender-based violence is on the rise too. “Children are also increasingly deprived of education and essential health care as violence is causing schools to close and compromising access to health centres.” UNICEF source.

We cannot stand by and watch our dear children pay such a hefty price, as a community of people who care about the prosperous future for Africa’s future generations, we must act in unity to prevent such tragedies from taking place.


In Solidarity,

Muhammed Lamin and Coumba Toure
Africans Rising Coordinators

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