Africans Rising applauds the people of Liberia on peaceful elections 

On Tuesday, 10th October 2023, fellow Africans in Liberia went to the polls for their Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Africans Rising would like to congratulate the people of Liberia for turning out in large numbers and particularly for their peaceful participation in the general elections. 

The people have exercised their democratic right and we believe they voted consciously. Africans Rising affirms our unflinching support to fellow Africans in Liberia. As they await the final tallying and official declaration of the results by the country’s National Election Commission (NEC), we ask all the citizens to remain calm and promote peace. We call on the NEC to continue carrying out its constitutional role in ensuring  free, fair, verifiable and transparent elections without interference from either internal or external forces. Let the will of the people reign. 

We also urge  all election players and actors to refrain from announcing unofficial results and making any inflammatory utterances that could incite the citizens to post-election violence.

In the event of any grievances and contestation with the electoral process, we recommend the political parties  to use all the existing resolution mechanisms available to address any complaints.  

We stand ready to support in any way to promote unity, justice, peace and dignity in Liberia and elsewhere in Africa.


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