#AfricanLivesMatter – Justice for Elvis Nyathi

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity is saddened by the news of the violent murder of Elvis Nyathi in South Africa. On 6 April, Nyathi, a Zimbabwean national living in South Africa, was killed by a xenophobic mob in the country. We strongly condemn the brutal act which led to the death of Nyathi – a father, a husband, a son, and a comrade in African unity – and we are also hurt by the reality that this is not the first time such a heinous act has taken place in South Africa.

The African continent is home to thousands of ethnic groups that have witnessed centuries of exploitation and the brutal atrocities of racism and xenophobia. And still, Africa and her people remain standing. Ours is an Africa liberated from the unfathomable violence of a colonized continent – xenophobia has no place here. Our ability to survive such a tragic history is a powerful symbol of our capacity for resistance and unity as a people. Standing together in all our differences is our strength, not something that should tear us apart.

That is why we are demanding justice for Elvis Nyathi. We are calling on the South African Government and the African Union to comply with laws on international human rights and pursue the legal possibilities that will hold accountable the people responsible for Nyathi’s senseless killing and bring justice to Nyathi’s family and friends. We call on President Cyril Ramaphosa to lead the way in upholding the country’s National Action Plan against racism and discrimination.

We challenge those responsible for such xenophobic acts with the questions: Who are we to police each other and tell another they don’t belong? Who are we to take a life just because we suspect someone is different? And to our members and supporters, we urge you to raise your voices against xenophobia and demand #JusticeforElvis.

As a Pan-African movement of people and organisations, we know that all #AfricanLivesMatter. Inclusivity, community and acceptance are traditional African values that have brought us into the present and will carry us into the future. As Africans we must remember that we are one, not only from the colour of our skin but from the history we share. All Africans must rise and take every step to ensure that the rights and dignity of all our brothers, sisters, friends, and comrades in Pan-African unity are respected. Justice for Elvis Nyathi!

Signed by:
Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity
Our 32,000 Organisational and Individual members
Our Co-chairs – Coordinating Collective (Board)
Our Movement Coordinators
Our Ambassadors

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