Africans Rising is a peoples movement committed to a decentralised, citizen-owned future that will build support and solidarity for local struggles, empower local leadership and immerse activists in the grassroots work of building social movements from below and beyond borders.

It is a growing and self-selecting collective of social movements, NGOs, peoples and popular social justice movements, intellectuals, artists, sports people, cultural activists and others, across the continent and Diaspora. People who have given input to the development of the movement agree that African unity reflected by greater social, political and economic integration is critical for Africa and its peoples, nations and nationalities – and a united civil society should be the vanguard of such a movement for justice, peace and dignity.

There is unanimous support to use African Liberation Day (Africa Day) on 25 May each year as the apex organising moment and, to launch the movement on #25May2017 with a series of events and actions all across the African continent – rallying together as one Africa, to build peace, seek justice and manifest our dignity.

Advertisement | Launch Team | Support Staff

Global human-rights activist, Kumi Naidoo, the steward of the Africans Rising Launch Team, is looking for support staff in the build up to the #25May2017 launch of the movement.

Policy & Campaigns people (x3) with the ability to track human rights abuses, prepare policy briefs (and manifest actions) in collaboration with other movements, organisations and people. Our process is slick, we expect you will be too.

Membership & Mobilisation people (x4) to get the membership numbers growing exponentially – we’re already doing so slowly – this is about taking it to a new level.

Communications people (x4) for conventional media – make front-page news (preferably not for/of yourself) but for the cool and committed people doing incredible things, everyday – while no one cares. The social media job specification is simple, break-the-Internet or stay home.

Partnerships people (x2) to work existing partnerships into producing Great Big Things and develop new alliances to grow the Africans Rising movement.

And yes, we need administration people (x2) too, because even Africans Rising has to have an organised back office support team.


It’s essential that you have the ability to listen well, see and make linkages between contexts and issues and, position Africans Rising as a catalyst, unlocking value and moving the game on.

We need to talk
Resonance with the Kilimanjaro Declaration – nothing personal, it’s just why we’re here. The energy for the work of building a non-traditional Pan-African movement of the future – it is hard work, long hours and depending on where you work from, the likelihood of instant coffee in the office.

You should know we work collaboratively, flexibly and effectively in a small, geographically dispersed team – and yes, that’s a real expectation that you will too.

The checklist (the more you have, the nicer we will be to you)
Writing skills (translating research reports into easy to digest information)
Research skills (in International Relations, Politics & Economics)
French fluency & good social media skills
Arabic fluency & (other horizontal skills)
Kiswahili / Portuguese fluency & (other horizontal skills)
Journalist / writer / photographer
Designer / artist

Because Multitasking
Social media proficiency (including good photography and video skills)
The ability to compose simple reports, visual & narrative
The ability to complete a task – yeah, like get it done and give feedback when it’s done too

The applications thing
Send a CV and cover letter by all means – be clear which role you’re throwing yourself forward for – or we may have chaos – and that’s bad news – but only for you. We’ll give extra points for those that display even just an ounce of creativity in the application — bonus points, freshly-baked brownies to your door and even a space on the Launch Team – and yes, working with Kumi Naidoo IS everything it’s cracked up to be.

The money thing
Of course, we would love it if you gave your time to Africans Rising freely – but if you’re not a Trustafarian or BoBo (no you don’t have to prove anything!), we’re happy to offer some money (think more modest STIPEND and less INGO expat package – this will save you a lot of therapy)

Sick Building Syndrome
It’s a thing, just Google it – thankfully you can work from; Abuja, Arusha, Johannesburg, Nairobi & Rabat, or tell us about your village and let’s talk.

Commitment Issues
Africans Rising is a movement – we’re in the launch phase – give us three-months (March to May 2017) and if you still want to work with us after that – we’ll you’re the master of your own destiny
and all that…

The corner shop model
Rolling recruitment process – applications close when all roles are filled.
MAIL away: Moses Isooba,

The fine print
If you have not heard from us within three (3) days of your application, don’t lose hope. You’re still a lovely person. We reserve the right to withdraw any of our vacancies at any time. And add new ones too.

#AfricansRising #25May2017 working together to build the #AfricaWeWant

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