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Calls to Action

"Sign the CSO letter to President Ruto - Make Africa Climate Summit African"

Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change & Forestry, Soipan Tuya (centre) at the launch of the AU meeting secretariat office in Nairobi ahead of Africa Climate Summit. Photo credit: The Star newspaper

The Africa Climate Summit is scheduled for the first week of September. However, in the development of its form and content, we are concerned about a capture of the summit to advance Global North interests instead of serving African interests. We are sending this letter to the convener, President William Ruto of Kenya to address these issues before it is too late.  Read the full letter and demands  here

We are calling on African and Africa-led organisations to add their voices by signing this letter.

Volunteer with the #BorderlessAfrica campaign

A lady from a community in Nigeria signing the people's petition for borderless Africa

Africans Rising is calling for volunteers to support the Borderless Africa campaign to promote the free movement of people, goods and services across the continent. As a volunteer, you will be playing a vital role in mobilising people on the ground to sign our petition to raise awareness about the importance of a borderless Africa, and also engaging stakeholders to ratify the AU Protocol on Free Movement of People.  If you believe in the vision of a united and prosperous Africa, then this is an opportunity for you to make a difference. Here are ways you can support:

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“Unapologetic about the youth revolution” - #BorderlessAfrica campaign

Youth4Parliament movement engaged in borderless Africa Campaign street march during ALW

As we commemorated this year’s African Liberation Week, our individual members and organizations in  54 countries across the continent and diaspora took initiatives to campaign for visa-free travel within  Africa. This is Africa caught up with Youth4Parliament’s representative Mary Mwaba who had this to say. 

Epic-Africa Launches African CSO platform to showcase CSOs across the continent. 

EPIC-Africa has launched the African CSO Platform, showcasing CSOs across the continent. There, African CSOs can connect with funders and with each other while also accessing skill-building resources and tools and getting expert takes on the latest trends in philanthropy and civil society. This comes at a time of growing interest in African civil society organizations (CSOs), including from funders seeking to make their grant more inclusive and equitable. The African CSO Platform aims to empower CSOs and highlight their valuable contributions to building solid infrastructure for philanthropy in Africa. It also serves as a resource for journalists, policymakers, and others interested in understanding the sector. 

Announced by EPIC-Africa in Zanzibar on the 29th of June 2023 at the East Africa Philanthropy Network’s annual conference, the African CSO Platform is the result of five years of engagement with more than 6,000 CSOs from 46 countries. “CSOs told us they need better access to funding, sector insights and capacity-building tools as well as more exchange with peers,” said Rose Maruru, president and CEO of EPIC-Africa. “We want to see African CSOs fully resourced and recognized for their contributions to our lives and our continent’s future.” 

Celebrating Sheroes - Pan-Africa Women’s Day

Prof. Micere Githae Mugo | Photo courtesy

As we observed Pan-Africa Women’s Day on 31st July, we continue to honour and celebrate all the African foremothers who have fearlessly fought for the liberation, the strides made in eliminating gender biasness and inequalities, including other forms of injustices against women and for their role in development of our great continent. 

One such woman to celebrate is Prof. Micere Githae Mugo, who passed away on 30 June this year.  She was an activist, author, playwright, instructor and poet who had been recognized internationally through her writing and literacy works which she used as a platform to advocate for human rights and social justice in Africa mainly in Kenya.

Her activism dates back to 1982 when Kenya was under an authoritarian rule at a time when the rights and freedoms of Kenyan citizens had constantly been curtailed. She used her power in literature writing to denounce the atrocities meted on the people by writing a play that highlighted the horrors they faced. The play would then land her in jail as it was viewed to instigate people to overthrow the government of the day. After her release, she went into exile in the United States.  Rest well Prof. Micere Githae, the struggle continues.


We're dedicating this entire week to honour and celebrate our African sheroes post #PanAfricaWomen’sDay.  Who would you like us to profile and post on our #SocialMedia Channels? Send us your suggestions to: media@africans-rising.org or respond on either of our social media pages: Twitter Facebook   Instagram   Linkedin

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One Afro For One Million Campaign

The Africans Rising One Afro for One Million campaign is an individual giving campaign to support the movement’s goals to raise funds so that Africans Rising can maintain its momentum, scale up its activities and continue to build solidarity with its members across the African continent and in the Diaspora, while also responding to communities in crisis. You can join the campaign today and donate US$1 per month. 

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