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About Africans Rising:

Africans Rising is a Pan-African movement of people and organizations, working for unity, justice, peace and dignity. Africans Rising looks to play a critical role on the continent pushing governments, business, and even established global and national NGOs to focus on challenges Africans deem critical, including demands for a fair global trading system, concrete action to address the effects of climate change and the creation and strengthening of a representative coalition to protect our natural resources and the environment. 

Our work is guided by the vision, mission and values of the The Kilimanjaro Declaration – Africans Rising

About Engendering African Social Movements:

Since inception, gender equality has been at the heart of Africans Rising work. Our belief is that we cannot achieve unity, justice, dignity and unity without liberating women and all other oppressed individuals, further excluded and discriminated on the basis of sex, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, among others. It is within this context that, in order for the Movement to effectively discharge its mandate and commitment to equality of all peoples, we have embarked on the journey to Engender African Social Movements. 

This exciting project aims at being a collaborating one, bringing together Africans Rising members and African Movements at large to critically advocate for gender equality through knowledge production, capacity building and advocacy action aiming at leaving no one behind, while unifying Africans by taking a stance on feminism and its relevance for achieving

the objectives of African social movements and communities at large. In consideration of its co-creative aspect, the following expression of interest calls on African social movements to join the Feminist Task Force, a reference group to support the amplification and impact of the Engendering Social Movements Project. 

Through the Feminist Task Force, Africans Rising is seeking to support the capacity building and institutionalisation of feminist principles and leadership amongs its 1009-strong member organisations and beyond. The Movement wants to lend its expertise and capacity to help build African feminist movements while it also contributes to building social movements on the continent and her Diaspora engaged in their various works. Examples include building and connecting civic struggles in the fight for democracy and promoting climate and environmental justice, among others. We recognise that it is critical to build movements that are progressive and inclusive of marginalized groups because Africans Rising’s work is meant to enable, empower and amplify the voices of people who often go unheard.

Task Force Composition and Terms of Engagement:

The envisioned Task Force will be composed of identified experts and passionate feminists participating at the All African Movement Assembly held in Arusha, Tanzania, and of selected African social movements (as well as individuals) through the expression of interest form, which can be consulted below. 

The Feminist Task Force is expected to: 

  • Advice and provide strategic guidance to the Africans Rising Core Team in amplifying and expanding the engendering social movements project; 
  • Represent Africans Rising in strategic forums, conferences and other engagements to further influence and bring forward the feminist position of Africans Rising and its membership; 
  • Engage in specific tasks based on the expertise and knowledge of the Movement and its representative; 
  • Meet on a monthly basis (virtually) to acquire progress and updates from the Africans Rising Core Team. 

The members of the task force will be remunerated based on the number and nature of tasks assigned. Terms and further details on the remuneration will be provided to the members of the task force. 

Expression of Interest:

Interested African social movements are warmly invited to fill in the following FORM and submit their interest in joining the Africans Rising Feminist Task Force. To be considered eligible, social movements must: 

  • Ensure they have a representative to appoint in the Feminist Task Force; 
  • Read, accept and strictly align to the mission, vision and values of Africans Rising and its Kilimanjaro Declaration; 
  • Being a member of Africans Rising. To join Africans Rising, please fill in the following registration form

The deadline to submit your expression of interest is Monday, October 31st at 11.59 PM GMT. Successful social movements will be informed during the week of November 7-12. 

Interested African social movements

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