Africans Rising Condemns the Coup in Sudan and Calls for Release of Activists and the Immediate Restoration of Democracy

Africans Rising is deeply concerned about the current state in Sudan, after the government’s military unit overthrew and detained Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok and other civilian leaders on Monday (25th October). The country has been grappling with gross human rights violations meted on civilians by the brutal regimes led by the country’s military.

Recent weeks have seen a rapid build-up of tension in Khartoum. A hostile takeover of power is what many in Sudan and beyond feared could happen anytime. These acts occur in a country that has experienced several decades of authoritarian rule under deposed ex-president Bashir. The country has made huge strides in transitioning to civilian rule. The promise of transition to democracy has kept many Sudanese and the country’s allies hopeful, but all that could be at risk now.

Our Pan-African movement, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity, continues to express concerns on the actions of the military. We stand with the activist groups fighting for democracy in these trying times. A legacy of mismanagement and poor governance has left Sudan among the poorest countries in the African continent despite her rich natural resources.

“We strongly condemn the coup by the military unit and demand for the immediate release of Prime Minister Hamdok and the other civilian leaders,” said Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan, Africans Rising Movement Coordinator. “We call on the security forces to immediately release those they have unlawfully detained. The actions of the military represent a betrayal of the revolution, the transition, and the legitimate requests of the Sudanese people for peace, justice and economic development. We applaud the intervention of AU and the UN leading a constructive dialogue in order to ease tension among the Sudancitizens and return stability in the country.”

Africans Rising is in solidarity with the citizens of Sudan in their continued struggle for a prosperous country free from oppression either by civilians or military and anchored on the principles of inclusive democracy, respect for human rights, justice and dignity.

We take this opportunity to call on The African Union, United Nations, and international governments to condemn this apparent military coup, pressure the Sudanese military to end its brazen violation of the Constitutional Declaration, free political prisoners, and avert bloodshed.

We continue to urge everyone to maintain peace and order in these trying times and for the Sudanese military to ensure the rights of its citizens are protected at all times.

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