Nigeria’s Anti-Social Media Bill is Unconstitutional

Nigeria’s Anti-Social Media Bill is Unconstitutional

Africans Rising stands with the people of Nigeria against the “Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations” Bill, also known as the Anti-Social Media Bill.

The bill, which will be the focus of a Senate public hearing on 09 March 2020, would give the country’s executive government the ability to police the internet and silence citizens’ right to freedom of expression.

Our movement understands that democracy cannot exist where constitutional rights are breached, where civic spaces disappear, and where a nation’s people aren’t free to speak their minds. This why we are calling upon our members and supporters to join us in speaking out against this bill. 

Together, let’s call on the country’s National Assembly to protect internet platforms as sacred spaces of free expression and to recognize that this bill represents an abuse of power and a violation of human rights. Post to Twitter and let the Nigerian Senate (@NGRSenate) know they should reject this unconstitutional bill. Use the hashtag #NoToSocialMediaBill. 

To read more about why 95 civil society organizations are working to rally against this bill, read their press statement. 

In solidarity,

Africans Rising

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