In preparation for the 2024 All African Movement Assembly to be hosted in Accra, Ghana in August, Africans Rising will be hosting various activities to serve as a mobilisation platform for movements across the continent to be engaged. The regional convenings will be hosted online and will represent all regions of the continent.

As a mobilisation platform, these consultations will help us re-establish relationships with our grassroots movements in various key countries and build a sustainable plan.

This platform will also allow the local movements to network and share ideas on how they can foster collaborations among themselves for the collective development of the continent. Through these events, we would seek ideas on movement building, challenges at the grassroots level and the solutions we can implement to address them.

Submissions from the various consultations will be drafted and shared at the AAMA which is expected to host over 500 participants made up of movements, activists, artists, civil society organisations etc.

Online Regional Consultations

The regional consultations will be held online via Zoom and will be attended by Movements within the region. The consultations will help Africans Rising understand the works of other movements in the region and create an avenue to discuss issues of concern for their work and Africa at large. During these regional consultations, grassroots movements will actively participate and will use this as a networking platform as we work towards building a united movement. Participants from the movements in the convening will have an opportunity to contribute to the strategic development process of AR by responding to a set of questions that will be shared.

Who can join the Online Regional Consultations?

Participants in these consultations are movement leaders, activists, artists, CSOs and citizens resident in the region of the event. The event will also be open for participation by any member of the local community who must not necessarily be an AR member.

Objectives of the Online Regional Consultations

  • understand from the movements how they perceive the work of Africans Rising in all aspects and what could be done better
  • discuss and record their perspectives on what to table for the All-African Movement Assembly coming up in August
  • Create an opportunity to bring grassroots movements together for more collaborations and solidarity and to have open conversations with our members at the regional level and on issues that concern them and Africa  
  • Document members’ contribution to the new strategic process of AR and what they think this movement should be like in the next 5 years

Schedule of Online Regional Consultations

West Africa - April 26th

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