Lend your support to Africans in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine rages on and our African brothers and sisters continue to suffer its dire effects. We need to support in any way that we can.
Africans Rising is mobilizing support in collaboration with NIDO Hungary, which is on the ground providing accommodation, food and other essentials to those who have crossed the border to Hungary. NIDO has done remarkable work during this crisis and we are happy to partner with them during this hour of need. Any African who has crossed from Ukraine to Hungary can contact Dr. Hussain on +36 309122140 for help.
You can support this effort by donating what you can. All donations will be sent to NIDO to support their work on the ground. We also aim to extend this support to Poland, Slovakia and Romania where a lot of Africans have also escaped to.

Here are few ways to HELP

Condemn discrimination against Africans escaping the war

Africans Rising has started a campaign to mobilise our members to join the global call of Africans to denounce the racial discrimination against our people in this great time of need. We are asking all members and Africans everywhere to act out of goodwill and raise their voices by recording short videos of themselves condemning the discrimination against Africans who are escaping the war in Ukraine. Africans are being thrown off trains and buses and are being prevented entry to neighbouring countries because of their skin colour. This is unacceptable. You can join this campaign by recording your own short video denouncing the ongoing racism and posting it to your social media feeds using the hashtags #AfricansInUkraine and #AfricansRising, and tag @AfricansRising. Watch a sample video here. You can also record a video and send it to us on WhatsApp/Telegram +233500883672 or by email to

Watch a sample video here

Boost the call for African leaders to provide assistance

We recently issued a solidarity statement denouncing the war in Ukraine and expressing the need for solidarity with the African Diaspora community in the country. Our movement has also reached out to the African Union Commission, urging the Commission to lend its authority and leadership to support emergency response efforts. You can read our solidarity statement here and then post it to your social media using the hashtag #AfricansRising to show your support. Please tag @_AfricanUnion (Twitter), African Union Commission (Facebook) and dignitaries like His Excellency Moussa Faki Mahamat (@AUC_MoussaFaki - Twitter) in your posts to let them know we need their leadership and intervention at this critical time.

Read our Solidarity Statement here

Sign the petition to provide safe passage for Africans and People of Color out of Ukraine

Thousands of young African students mostly from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other countries studying in Ukraine claim they have been abandoned, with some taking to Twitter in recent days to tell their stories of desertion. Sign this petition calling on Ukrainian border authorities to put an end to these discriminatory evacuation tactics and grant everyone access to safety across the border.

Sign this petition here