#Rise4OurLives and celebrate African Liberation Day

In 2021, the Africans Rising African Liberation Day mobilisation was realised under the theme “Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century: Our Health, Our Rights, Our Future” and was circulated on social media with the use of our #Rise4OurLives hashtag.

It was a moment to organise and connect with African activists and movements working to build healthy communities, which included topics such as the physical well-being of all Africans as well as a healthy respect for issues of freedom, democracy and social justice. 

Over 240 activities and events were held during the week to commemorate African Liberation Day 2021. Activities took place in 32 African countries and 7 countries in the diaspora. Africans Rising helped sponsor 57 of the events, which included youth dialogues on issues such as transparent elections, climate change, human rights and the future of Africa; a distribution of feminie products to school girls in Kenya, a blood drive in Senegal, and a student leadership gathering in Liberia. 

Our upcoming African Liberation Day events which will start on Friday, May 21. We hope this line up of events and speakers will expand your knowledge and engagement with Pan-African liberation movements and celebrate the work that has been done while strategizing the way forward. We hope you will join us!

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