Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, please join us in taking a stand for Justice

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Please join us in taking a stand for justice

The global expression of pain and protest, provoked by the brutal and violent police killings of Black citizens in the United States of America, has sparked a movement that points to the need for conversations and actions to acknowledge and rectify the injustices of racism, a product of the violent histories of colonialism and slavery across the globe. 

This is a momentous occasion to call on world leaders to add their voices to the efforts of people everywhere. For this reason, the Africans Rising movement is calling on these leaders, starting with Queen Elizabeth II of England, to take action. Through her leadership, the people of England can start to right the wrongs of the past and the present in Britain and inspire similar actions in other European countries. 

As a Pan-African organization of the people, Africans Rising is constantly engaged in the movement toward true African liberation, and this can only be done in community with other people, organizations, and movements. Read, sign, and share our letter to the queen of England and other leaders from around the world to make history and push forward in the effort to create global peace, justice, and equality.