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Africans Rising Launches the Activism in the Digital Era Program

The Internet has revolutionized the way people organize around the world to demand accountability, equality and the respect of their rights. It is now a tremendous duty for all of us to learn about how to protect our digital rights as they continue to be violated all across the continent.

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Joining Forces, Sharing Power: Civil Society Collaborations for the Future

Without the support of external funding, the life expectancy of many – if not most – organizations is dramatically low. To avoid these near-choking levels of dependency, CSOs are developing creative strategies to be more self-reliant. Increasingly, we are working together with actors that are more grounded in the communities they serve rather than with traditional governments and multilateral institutions and devising collaborative methods that differ significantly from donor-recipient constructions. 

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Building Effective Pan-African Solidarity between Africa and the Caribbean

Africans Rising for peace, justice, and dignity demands the immediate release and acquittal of comrade Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh. We have been blessed to count Dr. Janneh amongst our ranks, he is a decent fellow African who continues to support worthy causes across borders.   


Lessons from South Sudan’s Civil War

The issue in the Sudan was not that the “Black African” south needed to be liberated from the “Arab” north. Those distinctions were the product of European and Arab imperialism in the Sudan. The issue was the lasting impact of foreign imperialism in Sudan and the only way to correct this issue is to create a new national identity. Garang’s vision is even more relevant now given that the role that tribalism has played in South Sudan’s civil war.

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100 Years in Mandela’s Light

The world celebrates Nelson Mandela 100 birth anniversary today, July 18, 2018. Amidst a series of Pan-African movements, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & dignity is proud to have been one of the hundred ‘Sparks of Hope’ selected by the global campaign #WalkTogether – to celebrate initiatives that work to continue the long walk to Freedom and are guided by Mandela’s legacy.

Togo Mission Report

Togo Mission Report

During the current protests in Togo some 200 people have lost their lives, a large number have been forced to migrate (some estimates put this figure in the thousands) and a number of people have been detained and tortured by government security forces, foremost among these being the Serious Crimes Unit of the Togo Police.

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