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Campaign to Free Political Prisoners and Journalists #FreeThem

The Campaign to Free Political Prisoners and Journalists is one of Africans Rising’s initiatives to curb the spread of COVID-19 by appealing to African governments to release some of the people most vulnerable to the disease. While the whole world is experiencing the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, some populations are particularly vulnerable to the disease. Poor living conditions and overcrowding in prisons and jails make it hard or impossible for incarcerated people to follow guidelines to protect themselves from the disease.

Our movement believes that imprisonment in a time of epidemic is a potential death sentence. Political prisoners and journalists do not pose public threats and through our campaign we are working to raise awareness for the urgency of Pan African solidarity to support their release. As a part of this campaign, we are collecting and sharing the stories of political prisoners and journalists imprisoned during this time, we are issuing a statement and petition to African leaders for the release of all political prisoners and journalists, and we are promoting a social media campaign featuring prominent African activists to gather public support for the campaign.