Black August

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“Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love of Revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us, give your life for the people.”
- George Jackson, American revolutionary

Black August started in 1971 as a commemoration of the life and legacy of George Jackson, an American revolutionary murdered by a prison guard. Since then, it has become a month-long reflection on the incarcerated people, freedom fighters and revolutionaries who made it their life’s mission to defend and uplift Black lives.

For Black people world wide, August has historically been a month for social change. The Haitian Revolution started in August 1791. In South Africa, the women’s movement came together in a powerful protest again apartheid in August 1956. The Republic of Congo celebrated independence in August 1960 and Jamaica gained its independence in August 1962. During this month, we take the opportunity to reflect on the long history of Black freedom struggles.

Standing on the shoulders of those who paid the ultimate price, we have the responsibility to continue the struggle! Recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others, as well as those who remain in prison and detention during a pandemic remind us of how much more needs to be done.