2021 Movement of the Year Nominee Profiles

KASHIF Organisation, Sudan

Kashif Organization for Breast Cancer Prevention is a specialized research organization founded in 2018. Kashif is a software that analyzes mammograms and diagnoses breast cancer tissues with an accuracy of 98.8%. It was invented by engineer Maha Ali, a graduate of Sudan University of Science and Technology 2011. Kashif organization was established to support the prevention of breast tumors in Sudan. The primary goal of the organization is the establishment of smart centers for early detection. The secondary goals of the organization are gathering information, creating a database to reduce the administrative work at all levels, and reduce the risk of breast tumors in Sudan. The organization has three main projects: Implement Kashif Project; Early detection of cancer and Collection of data and establishment of scientific research centers One of the organization's activities is a platform that turns into communicating with women's issues in the field of breast cancer and is a reference for researchers and those interested in this field under the supervision of consultants, and specialists in therapeutic medicine and psychiatry.

Ondjango Feminista, Angola

O Ondjango Feminista é um colectivo feminista autónomo de activismo e educação em prol da realização dos direitos humanos de todas as mulheres e meninas em Angola, advogando por uma agenda feminista transformadora a partir de uma perspectiva de justiça social, solidariedade e liberdade. A nossa história começou em Junho de 2016, quando 8 mulheres se reuniram naquele que ficou conhecido como o primeiro encontro mensal do Ondjango Feminista. Estas mulheres são consideradas membras fundadoras do Ondjango Feministas os seus nomes são (em ordem alfabética): urea Mouzinho, Cecília Kitombe, Delma Monteiro, Florita Telo, Luzolo Feliz, Nininha Cunha, Sizaltina Cutaia e Xano Maria. At the invitation of the African Union, Civic is embarking on a bold new programme of work called Great Green Wall Frontline: an open-source movement of the communities who are powering the world’s most audacious climate change response. Kemo’s focus is on deforestation and land degradation, introducing sustainable farming practices. These practices entail government accountability with respect to protecting natural resources, sustainable waste management, and scaling up tree planting by joining the Great Green Wall for the Sahel and Sahara. His aim is to shift power. Kemo believes the only way for the Wall to be delivered and sustained is for communities on the ground to really take ownership. Unleashing the latent talents of frontline communities whose entrepreneurial spirit is so crucial in unlocking the Wall’s full potential and long-term sustainability.

Global Community Development Initiatives, Austrailia

This organization, Global Community Development Initiatives (GCDI), active since 2001 when Naseema Mustapha, the Founder, started it in Australia with a global outreach focus. The aim then and now, is to reach small remote communities that large organizations do not reach, they too need support and slip through the cracks. Our aim is to continue with simplicity and ensure funds go to the people, not marketing and administration. The main vision is to bring people together, break barriers and build bridges between various communities. GCDI engages with the many communities with mental health advocacy, adult education advocacy, and social justice activism. It has close ties with the First Nations communities, Migrant and Refugee communities. Since the onset of the pandemic, GCDI has raised funds for and built 11 boreholes for water access for impoverished remote communities in Afghanistan, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Zanzibar, Malawi. She started an agricultural program where over 300 families benefit in 6 countries from farming and animal breeding. Within the Islamic communities, through a spiritual upliftment program, 162 animals have been distributed to impoverished families in 6 countries in Africa. GCDI has led Winter Coat & Blanket Drives, Homeless Hygiene Drives, and Homeless Christmas Lunches in Australia.

Social Justice Centres Working Group, Kenya

The Social Justice Centres Working Group (SJCWG) is a collective leadership of 46 social justice centres in Kenya and 9 in Uganda. The social justice activists came together to pursue social justice through formation of registered community-based organization as social justice centers to address the shrinking civic spaces in the region and to convene a grassroots social movement. Through the community organizing model, we document human rights violations, conduct campaigns, write petitions and refer cases for redress with relevant authorities. We advocate for Social Justice and dignity in slums, rural villages and informal settlements. The vision of the Social Justice Centres Working Group is to continue with the struggle for democracy and social justice to build a socially just and democratic state with a mission to Organize, Educate and Liberate the masses.


Youth4Parliament is a grassroots movement that works on enhancing meaningful participation of young people in politics and governance in Zambia. It was established in 2018 by like-minded young politicians with a primary focus of increasing the presence of young people in parliament and providing a platform for meaningful youth engagements. The Movement was formed as a direct response to the continued shrinking civic & political space, and low presence of young people in governance spaces. Through its robust grassroots campaigns for youth candidates in the Zambian 2021 general elections, the movement was able to increase the number of youth members of parliament from three (3) to eight (8), it also recorded tremendous success at local government level by having 43% of elected youth councillors from the previous 19% in 2016, the movement also got two (2) of its members elected as Executive City Mayors out of the five (5) Mayors which the country has. Youth4Parliament also led countrywide door-to-door #GetOutAndRegister and #GetOutAndVote campaigns which translated to the registration of over 1.5 Million youth as voters. The movement is currently the only openly non-partisan political movement that provides both technical and material campaign resources for youths who contest elections in Zambia.

Sudans Post, South Sudan

Sudans Post is an independent, young, and grass roots news media organization aimed at providing readers with an alternate depiction of events that occur in Sudan, South Sudan and East Africa, and to establish an engaging social platform for readers to discover and discuss the various issues that impact the two countries and the region. By engaging with a wide spectrum of the community – from activists, academics and more – Sudans Post manages to offer a much more unique and diverse perspective on the two countries and the region. This is in contrast to the one provided by large news media houses which are old and traditionally served which fail to engage with readers and touch on the issues which have the deepest impacts on the society. Sudans Post is not affiliated to any political group – the governments of Sudan, South Sudan or the armed movements in both countries. As we mentioned above, we aim to provide depictions of events which occur in the two countries and to establish a social platform for readers to discover and discuss potential actions.

Black Lives Matter - Leeds UK

Black Lives Matter - Leeds combats racial inequality using the Black perspective to educate and empower all individuals to contribute to an equitable UK society. Our vision is one of an equitable society for all Black people in the UK. We are a voice for all Black individuals. Irrespective of, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status etc (this is a non-exhaustive list). BLM LEEDS and the Black Lives Matter movement are here with the intention to stay. Irrespective of external pressures we aim to continue the work that needs to be done for the betterment of society. We are no longer waiting for tragedies to befall Black individuals and communities. We aim to identify and rectify situations that could adversely impact Black individuals. We believe all who stand in support Black Lives Matter belong to the UK Black community. We believe everyone can contribute to the movement, Black and non-Black individuals. Our actions include the #KilltheBill campaign against crime and policing laws in the UK, support of the Africans Rising #ReRightHistory campaign, environmental justice, support for BLM groups across the country in taking social action and coaching young people to empower their voices and influences.

Youth Association of Sierra Leone

We, the represtatives of the Youth Association of Sierra Leone, believe that since wars begin in the minds of youths, it is in the minds of youths that the defences of peace must be constructed, and we believe that the culture of peace be inculcated, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of our young generation. We have resolved to combine our efforts to form an Association of the youth of Sierra Leone known as the Youth Association of Sierra Leone. Our objectives are to strive for respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; to co-ordinate and foster the youth activities of members; to promote tolerance, understanding, solidarity and co-operation among Youths and Children throughout Sierra Leone; to stimulate and maintain student’s interest in International Affairs and foster friendship among the youths of all countries; to actively participate in National and International youths activities in promoting the health of young people; to contribute to the removal of barriers of peace; to promote economic development, enhancement of social progress, better standards of life for young Sierra Leoneans and the world; to promote the spirit of patriotism and nationalism, good attitudes towards democratic governance and the rule of law,, among other objectives.

Jamma Children Foundation, The Gambia

Jamma Children Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 2019 with the aim of providing protection for children and the environment through various advocacy programs on child protection and environmental advocacy. We fight for the rights of children and educate them. Jamma Children Foundation has had many achievements since its establishment and is founded by Haruna Sinyang who is a Gambian. The foundation currently has 25 volunteers.


The Donia Association for Environmental Protection in Chlef is a voluntary association of a local nature active in Algeria. It was established in 2006, with all segments of society involved in it, of different ages and levels, female and male, who are active in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development. One of the most important goals of the association is to achieve sustainable development goals, achieve social justice, environmental justice, work to raise the level of environmental awareness for all segments of society, as well as field intervention to protect the environment and natural and cultural heritage. The Ministry of Environment honored her in 2019 as one of the best civil society associations in Algeria, where she participated in many occasions such as the first national civil society symposium on social dialogue in Algeria, the national forum organized on partnership between local authorities and civil society in participatory democracy, and participation in the Mediterranean environmental campaign. 10 Days for the Mediterranean” under the auspices of the European Union and related to facing environmental challenges in the Mediterranean region and the regional campaign to clean up the Mediterranean from all forms of plastic. We also have a future project on environmental justice to achieve sustainable social goals for the population of rural areas in Algeria by building a participatory development strategy based on motivating rural youth to innovate sustainable environmental projects, especially in the field of agriculture and irrigation, supporting productive rural women in development projects, and encouraging them to work in traditional handicraft activities.

NewSETA, Cameroon

The Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All (NewSETA) is one of Cameroon’s foremost youth think tanks on democratic governance and citizens’ participation. NewSETA is a youth non-profit, promoting democratic governance and youth participation in Cameroon through research, capacity development and policy advocacy. NewSETA runs an annual training series known as REPAIR (Rebuilding Peace through Actions with Inclusive Reach) which brings young thought leaders from the 10 regions of Cameroon and from Africa to build skills, awareness and values on democracy, peace and youth participation. Through its program Echange Honorable NewSETA, has engaged the Parliament of Cameroon in an ongoing Advocacy to lower the voting age from 20 to 18. His organization has trained journalists on electoral report, trained municipal councilors on effective governance in the decentralized system, engaged the State in a Civil Society-State dialogue to discuss problems related to the shrinking civic space and potential legal reforms on freedom of association and assembly etc. more information could be found on the website or on Facebook

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