2021 Artist Activist of the Year Nominee Profiles

Sister LB, Sénégal

Issue d’une famille de musiciens guitaristes et pianistes, marquée par la forte influence d’une mère artiste chorégraphe et metteur en scène, SELBE DIOUF ou plutôt Sister LB comme aiment l’appeler ses collègues du milieu Hip Hop, a pris très tôt contact avec les musiques urbaines a travers le Positive Black Soul, Diam’s, Missy Elliott, Bahamadia entres autres SISTER LB estime qu’elle a sa place dans le milieu. Elle casse les stéréotypes par un message fort et un beat explosif. Apres FIPPU CLAN qu’elle créa en 2009 avec JULZA, elle enchaina les succès et développe un style particulier ce qui lui permettra plutard de participer a plusieurs collaborations dont les plus récentes sont GEN JI HIP HOP (Association des femmes dans les cultures urbaines au Sénégal), SPEAK UP AFRICA (formation en beat making), WAPI (avec le British Council), projet PASSER’ELLE (un projet artistique de célébration annuelle de la journée mondiale de la femme). Aujourd’hui SISTER LB s’est bien imposée dans le rap Sénégalais et est même classée dans le TOP 8 des artistes de rap féminin les plus influentes et régulières du Sénégal par le très crédible site web Music in Africa.

Etienne Kasereka,RD Congo

Je suis Etienne Kasereka, artiste activiste, chanteur, compositeur et interprète basé à l’est de la RD Congo. J’ai commencé ma carrière musicale en 2016 et ma motivation était de rendre les gens de ma communauté plus conscients du monde dans lequel ils vivent afin d’agir en conséquence. Je suis né dans une famille chrétienne et c’est de là que je me suis intéressé à la musique en intégrant la chorale à mon jeune âge avant d’embrasser la musique consciente. J’ai plusieurs réalisations en termes d’œuvre et des prix dans ma région et au-delà. Je suis un jeune activiste pour le changement et j’y associe l’art pour matérialiser ma vision de changer les choses autour moi, dans ma région où tout mon pays. Je me suis engagé à rendre le monde meilleur que je ne le pensais et c’est ainsi que j’utilise toute ma force et mon esprit créatif pour essayer de mobiliser les gens autour des bonnes valeurs éducatives. En dehors du champ et du spectacle, j’organise des ateliers de musique et d’accompagnement pour les enfants déplacés de guerre dans ma région . J’ai été très marqué par les conditions de vie de ces enfants.

Odelia Magret Jamie Koroma, Sierra Leone

Odelia Magret Jamie Koroma is currently a celebrated figure as a reggae artist with more emphasis on social issues. She was breed and schooled in Bo city in the southern part of Sierra Leone. Odelia is a youthful and vibrant, action oriented person with a sound passion on every bit of what she does. She was born on the 26th January, 1992 in Damballa town in Bo district. Odelia has been an advocate especially on gender issues for women and girls in and out of Sierra Leone. As a young person who is passionate about equality and positive social change, she has been involved in different artistic work on different issues in and out of the country with ActionAid. Odelia is a highly determined person with result oriented goals, guided by a team spirit, with the ability to learn and work under difficult circumstances. Odelia has diverse experience in artistic activism. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Njala University in Sierra Leone. Odelia is still working to broaden her skills as an artist activist in Africa and to be one of the freedom fighters in the world.

Moody Mwiya, Zambia

My name is Moody Mwiya from Livingstone, Zambia's tourist capital, one of the Africans Rising youth activist, leader and mentor contributing to the development of Africans Rising movement across the globe through social media platforms and youth representations at all levels, including United Nations- High Level Political Forum-HLPF, International Dance Council-UNESCO, UN-International Youth Conference-IYC, and ambassador and World Youth Alliance Mentor. He was awarded the title as a "Peace Ambassador'' for Virtual University for International Relations in promoting social justice. He recently produced a masterpiece for Africans Rising Creative Actions Artistic Activism Song Genre Project during the 2021 Africans Liberation Day Celebrations. The song is sung in all the African major Languages spoken Representing all the 54 countries or member states and over 73 enthnic groupings known in Zambia and other African countries. Moody Mwiya is an international artists who has moved all-over the world in his artistic activism movement and hold other posts at national Level in Zambia as Deputy National Secretary for Zambia Arts Adjudicators panel-ZAAP, Director Media and Laison for Zambia Traditional Dances Association-ZATRADA, founding president and CEO for Think Big Experts-Thicos, an online networking company created to promote positive social change through social media since 2020.

Mc Rumaz, Kenya

Kibiegon Arap Sigei popularly known as Mc Rumaz is a conscious hip hop Artivist born & raised in Kapsoit, Kericho Kenya. Most of my songs are in Swahili and address issues like injustices, poor governance, corruption, police brutality, racism etc. I have participated and organized protests alongside activist Boniface Mwangi including the infamous " Occupy Parliament ", Beyond Zero corruption and the demonstration against murder of lawyer Willy Kimani. Some of my songs are "Freedom &justice(Cry for justice),Afrika for Afrika(my love for Afrika),Tushachoka(tired of corruption),Target ya bullet(about police killings), Revolution(for non violence political change. They are hard hitting and meant for creating awareness. I'm the voice of the voiceless and music has given me a platform. I have participated in numerous demos for agitation for change and democracy.

Joice Zau, Angola

Writer, poet, slammer, organizer of spoken poetry championships and social activist for Human Rights, especially in the Feminist struggle, Joice Zau was born in Cabinda Province (Angola) and resident of the Capital. She has twenty-four years of experience in a vocational cooperative and uses art with words to raise social and political awareness through competitions, events, debates, political acts and lectures. Finalist student of Engineering, Joice is also majoring in Modern Languages and she has participated, in person, of the Copa America of Poetry Slam (Spoken Poetry), in Brazil. The victory after the period of social isolation led to her participation and victory in several other events online in the South American country, such as: SLAM Rasta, Guilhermina SLAM, Pretas SLAM, among others. Joice is part of the Third Division Intervention Movement: hip-hop movement that organizes demonstrations of art activities, at first, even before Joice's arrival in the group, only with hip-hop - graffiti, dance, poetry and, since 2011, also organizing political demonstrations in Angola.

Mourad Kardjadja, Algeria

Kerjaga Mohamed Amin is a musician and singer in the Algerian Chaabi song. Graduated from the Regional Institute of Music - Annex Chlef. Through his songs, he seeks to spread the values ​​of love, peace and solidarity and to promote social justice among Algerians and Africans - community activist - President of the Chlef Art Lovers Cultural Association Music teacher Musical artist and singer in the Algerian folk song Member of the Algerian National Organization to Combat Desertification Participated in many artistic, social and cultural events He has several ranks in national festivals and art competitions It seeks to preserve the original Algerian cultural heritage. Ranks and Awards: ▪️ The National Festival of Popular Song in 2013 ranked seventh among 35 participants ▪️ Third place in the National Youth Festival Heritage and Authenticity in Annaba in 2015 ▪️ Third place in the National Festival of Popular Youth Song in Boufarik-Blida in 2017.

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