2021 Activist of the Year Nominee Profiles

Selma Bichbich, Algeria

I'm a social and climate youth activist, who has taken part in many programs, and organizations seeking change and serving the SDGs, by speaking out for youth and justice, and the importance of having youth involved in decision and policy-making when advocating for change. I do live in a community where youth ideas, proposals, and actions are not so welcomed, which is why I tried to take actions to present youth voice in the table of discussions, representing her country at both national and international levels, believing that our voice can never be impersonated if we were not the ones addressing about it. I was put in situations where I was the only one representing my country as a changemaker, it is something great to be part of, but disappointing at the same time, where I was seeing people from different nationalities raising their flag in such conferences and I was there watching by myself as the only person doing that, hoping to see more Algerian youth engaged in representing my country, and my continent that has been always described as the challenging continent where everyone is required to fight for its issues, no matter how hard it was.

Kemo Fatty, The Gambia

Kemo Fatty is a Gambian conservationist and CIVIC’s Head of Community Engagement. He is also the founder and executive director of Green-Up Gambia, an organization that addresses urgent environmental crises and raises eco-consciousness in communities, especially amongst young people in rural villages, in order to mitigate climate change. Earlier this year, Kemo was awarded the prestigious ‘Points of light’ award by Her Majesty the Queen. At the invitation of the African Union, Civic is embarking on a bold new programme of work called Great Green Wall Frontline: an open-source movement of the communities who are powering the world’s most audacious climate change response. Kemo’s focus is on deforestation and land degradation, introducing sustainable farming practices. These practices entail government accountability with respect to protecting natural resources, sustainable waste management, and scaling up tree planting by joining the Great Green Wall for the Sahel and Sahara. His aim is to shift power. Kemo believes the only way for the Wall to be delivered and sustained is for communities on the ground to really take ownership. Unleashing the latent talents of frontline communities whose entrepreneurial spirit is so crucial in unlocking the Wall’s full potential and long-term sustainability.

Christine Khabuya, Kenya

Christine Khabuya aka Tina Khan is a human rights defender, peace and security activist in Mombasa, Kenya. My duty as the chair of District Peace Committee in my ward is to encourage the community members to participate, promote, soft approach methods, since neglecting mob-injustice and killing didn't help much in preventing the insecurities and gangs. I have been able to reform 600 youths who were engaged in criminal activities and were prone to be radicalised and joined extremist groups locally, drug trafficking and drug abuse. Those activities bring together youths, community and security agencies (police) to discuss challenges and come up with local solutions for sustainable peace in the community. I have been able to take them through life skills, psychosocial support, and the youths were reintegrated back to society and they are the ambassadors of peace and security in their areas.

Wilson Atumeyi, Nigeria

Wilson Atumeyi is a sociologist and anti-corruption activist. He is founder and CEO of Water With Development (WaterWide), a non-profit organisation that solve water sanitation and hygiene-related issues, tracks government spending and international aid for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to ensure transparency, accountability and the proper implementation and completion of WASH projects in marginalised and rural communities in Nigeria and improving the living condition of Nigerians through targeted capacity building, advocacy, multidimensional engagement, and social mobilisation. Wilson was involved in several advocacy campaigns that led to policy changes in Nigeria including a marginal increase for health in the 2018 budget, Not Too Young to Run and Disability Rights Law. He is currently active in the advocacy for Universal Basic Education ACT and Child Rights Act amongst others. To promote transparency, accountability and citizens engagement in governance, he Builds the capacity of young Nigerians on the Freedom of Information Act and the use of technology to amplify issues. Wilson is also an advocate for women and girls’ rights. He advocates policies that would curb Gender-based Violence in Nigeria. He was selected by YouthHub Africa to lead the media and publicity department of the women and girls rights defenders (Abuja Network).

Ndape M. Sally Georgette, Cameroon

My name is Ndape M. Sally Georgette. I am a human rights activist, social justice activist, gender expert, certified chattered accountant, holder of an MBA in Business Accounting, online student at AIU university and an Intervention officer for BOTFON human rights watch and executive director of CIDA Cameroon. I am an activist who works with passion, defending the rights of every human being. Being at the frontline in hard to reach areas and risk zones to attend to several cases of human rights violation in Cameroon.This has driven me into boldness, passion and dedicated to achieve by monitoring, reporting, evaluating cases of Violence done on women, girls and boys in Cameroon and in particular in South West and North West where there's an ongoing conflict. I have been able to lock up at least 8 perpetrators who have committed rape, assault and domestic Violence on women. I have been at the frontline defending and fighting for women who have been detained in prison during this crisis for no just cause for months to regain their freedom. I believe my voice must be heard for gender abuse risk mitigation to end conflict and barbaric malpractice in indigenous communities in Cameroon.

Ghislain Muhiwa, DR Congo

Ghislain Muhiwa est militant de droit de l’homme au sein du mouvement citoyen Lutte pour le Changement (LUCHA) en République Démocratique du Congo. Il a récemment été prisonnier politique et libéré grâce à la pression populaire et diplomatique, le 06 Novembre 2021 après plus de deux mois de détention injuste. Avec ses 30 ans d’âge, il est détenteur d’un diplôme de licence (BAC+5) en Economie Publique et travaille dans sa communauté entant qu’activiste, entrepreneur, community organizer et chercheur en sciences sociales. C’est depuis mai 2012, que Ghislain, milite au sein du mouvement citoyen Lutte pour le Changement, dans lequel il mène des actions non violentes pour la construction d’un Congo Nouveau et d’une nouvelle Afrique. Suite à son combat non violent et non partisan, Il a été injustement arrêté plusieurs fois et détenu dans des cachots ou en prison. En 2016, il a été détenu en prison avec 6 de ses camarades pendant 6 mois avant d’être libéré par une grâce présidentielle. Ses actions ont inspiré plusieurs jeunes à s’engagé civiquement et ont formé le pouvoir citoyen qui oblige actuellement les autorités à répondre à plusieurs revendications de la population congolaise.

Maulline Gragau, Ethiopia

Maulline Gragau is an experienced Lawyer, Editor-in-Chief, Policy and legislative drafter/editor, Researcher, Scientist and internationally savvy and collaborative hybrid consultant with a history of stellar performance as a visionary leader. She is respected as a change agent who boldly questions the status quo, identifies opportunities where many believe there are none, and champions strategic initiatives that drive transformative legal, political, economic and cultural changes. She has done extensive work with marginalised youth and women to confront drought in Africa's drylands in the Northern regions of Ethiopia, Northern Kenya, Northern Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, and Sudan. By enabling marginalized communities to access and apply ICTs and through open access of legal information and trainings on advocacy and campaign strategies, many beneficiaries have been able to leverage technology as an accelerator. They have become lifelong leaders of positive social impact in their communities. Maulline has received recognition for her work on marginalized youth and entrepreneurship being awarded the 2018 Yerima Balla Award for Entrepreneurship and Environmental Development as well as being appointed to serve in the jury to the 2020 UNEP/CoalitionWILD – Young Champions of the Earth Competition and the Executive Committee of Energy Innovation Network.

Hitler Jessy Tshikonde, Angola

Hitler Jessy Tshikonde a.k.a Samussuku is a Young Angolan Activist born in a country steeped in a past of oppression and bloodshed, first with colonization and later with civil war. Restless with the constant social inequalities that were growing in the country, the young Samussuku tried to do something different, actively participating in public life, starting with hip hop as a tool for social intervention through graffiti and then music. From 2011 onwards, it evolved together with its renowned Group for street protests against the dictatorial regime that gags our country until Today's date. In 2015, the young protagonists of the demonstrations, the struggle against the dictatorship and freedom of expression, were arrested, with Young Samussuku being sentenced for four years and six months, but having only one year in jail. After this phase they decided to promote community-based activism with the emergence of various civic community organizations across the country. They promoted debates, lectures, seminars on social problems, human rights, local government, social and economic justice. Young people Every day seek to create a form of awareness involving the community in the search for solutions to the problems that plague us.

Marvina Eseoghene Newton, UK

Marvina Eseoghene Newton is a Nigerian-born community leader, activist, feminist, and mother of two, and founder and CEO of Angel of Youths, a charity that aims to lift up young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to help challenge inequality. She inspires community development projects, which are imaginative, inclusive and productive and champions the continuing heritage of achievement in the passions of young people from marginalized communities, while promoting the potential of service providers across Leeds Metropolitan Regional District. She is also a trustee of Path Yorkshire, a positive action training organisation addressing the under-representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, under the auspices of Leeds City Council. She radiates a passion to tackle key social/political issues that affect youth. She is also the founder of My Queer Culture, an organization that puts BAME LGBT people at the front of the gay scene. In doing so, she organized the first BAME march of Leeds Pride in 2015. She is also the founder of BLM Leeds and a United for Black Lives movement mentor and supports the strategic development programme for creating an equitable society for All black lives in the UK.

Thamer Aloui, Tunisia

I, Thamer Aloui, am a Tunisian civil society activist. I am the president and founder of the Forum of Development and Democracy Association located in Eljem, Mahdia. We focus on promoting Democracy and enhancing development in our region. We deeply rely on youth volunteering. This past couple of years, we have focussed on sensitizing against coronavirus, helping hospitals with materials and equipment, supporting people in need, helping schools and young pupils, as well as training youth in entrepreneurship and helping women overcome the economic crisis by providing raw materials.

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