What we do

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity amplifies broad demands for justice to connect struggles and build solidarity and cooperation within and amongst campaigns for social, economic, environmental and gender justice. We do this with movements, people, civil society organisations, governments, artists, businesses, and others – based on our shared support for the Kilimanjaro Declaration.


– Expanding space for civic and political action
– Fighting for women’s rights and freedoms across society
– Focusing on the right to equity and dignity
– Ensuring good democratic and corruption-free governance
– Promoting climate and environmental justice


– Advocacy [Building Solidarity, Solidarity Missions]
– Knowledge Curation & Documentation
– Leadership Development [Capacity Building, Residencies,
Learning Exchange]
– Alliance Building [Grassroots Support, Direct Action Support
to Movements (i.e.Guru Fund)]
– Strategic Convening [Movement Gatherings, Convenings,
Meetings, etc. ]

A Vision for Africans Rising – The Rationale for a Pan-African Movement

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