In preparation for the 2022 All African Movement Assembly to be hosted in Arusha, Tanzania in August, Africans Rising will be hosting various activities to serve as a mobilisation platform for movements across the continent to be engaged. The regional convenings will be hosted in all 6 regions of the continent. 

As a mobilisation platform, these convenings will help us re-establish relationships with our grassroots movements in various key countries and build a sustainable plan.

These convenings will be hosted in 6 countries as hybrid events that are to cover the entire region of each respective country.

This platform will also afford an opportunity for the local movements to network and share ideas on how they can foster collaborations among themselves for the collective development of the continent. Through these events, we would seek ideas on movement building, challenges at the grassroots level and the solutions we can implement to address them.

Submissions from the various convenings will be drafted and shared at the AAMA which is expected to host over 750 participants made up of movements, activists, artists, poets, civil society organisations etc.

Each convening will be preceded by 3 days of field learning activities through which Core Team members will have the opportunity to learn at first hand how the movements work in order to better support them.


The regional convenings will be hybrid events to be attended by Movements within the region. Each regional convenings will be a one-day conference preceded by two days of field learning with selected movements in the country where the convening will take place physically. The physical convening will be joined by other movements within the region virtually.

Central Africa Regional Convening

Buea, Cameroon – 23rd June 2022

East Africa Regional Convening

Kampala, Uganda – 25th June 2022

West Africa Regional Convening

Freetown, Sierra Leone - 29th June 2022

Southern Africa Regional Convening

Lusaka, Zambia – 1st July 2022

North Africa Regional Convening

Rabat, Morocco – 7th July, 2022

Diaspora Regional Convening


For any further enquiries regarding thie, you can reach out to us by email at or WhatsApp/Telegram on +233500883672