Together for society (T4S)

Together for society (T4S) is a youth led based community organization operating under the vision of creating and enabling socio-education environment that improve and better the livelihood through the provision of social amenities .The organization was established and registered on 30th September under the department of social development and services in Mombasa county. Membership comprises of  young repeatable and energetic volunteers who are driven by common goal aimed at embracing change in the society by dedicating their time, resources and skills to solve community problems at the grassroots level T4S works under four thematic areas  SDGs 5 Gender equality by empowering women and girls to achieve gender equality SDGs 4 Quality education through civic education, Public participation and community engagement SDGs 16 Peace and security by upholding democracy and human rights goal and social justice in the community affected SDGs 13 Climate change and environmental justice by regular beach cleanups and planting of mangrove trees along the coastal of mombasa.

Environment Africa (Zambia Youth Network)

Environment Africa is a non-governmental organization registered under the Zambia Societies Act and the 2009 NGO Act under the Ministry of Community Development. Our work is focused on championing the African Environment, uplifting the livelihoods of people and promoting children’s rights to a safe, clean and healthy environment. Our work is aimed at building capacities, raising awareness and promoting action towards environmental sustainability, and realization of Environmental rights. Environment Africa works with a group of young people who form the Zambia youth network, a group of young people who are driven by the lack of environmental awareness in the various communities where they come from. The Zambia youth network branches off from a mother youth network known as the international youth network which is supported by Terre Des Hommes (TDH). The goal of the youth network is to promote a clean, safe and sustainable environment for all. 

Education in Crisis (EIC)

Initiated by African Partnership For Education (AP4E), Education in Crisis (EIC) is a non-governmental organization based in Arusha – Tanzania, the organization operates in 4 African countries delivering education to the most vulnerable children and youth through child and higher education sponsorships, teacher and leadership training, promoting gender equality, girls’ education, youth capacity building among others to achieve sustainable transformation of the people and their communities across the continent. EIC is currently supporting the education for more than 207 students in 5 countries of Africa, namely; Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan through partnering with local organizations and institutions working towards protecting the right to education.EIC is working to strategically invest in quality education by bringing together resources to reach the African child impacted by conflicts, discriminations, forced displacements among others through empowering them with education as a sustainable tool. We do networking and capacity building, Advocacy and lobbying, research and information sharing as our methods of delivery and so far, we have 207 children under a fully funded scholarship scheme as we try to open access towards quality education to all children in Africa. Ref ​​​​​​​

Concern for Action in Our Community Ghana

CONFAC-GH is an acronym that stands for; CONCERN FOR ACTION IN OUR COMMUNITY GHANA,  founded by a group of young, concerned, local men and women in the Kasena-Nankana Traditional Area. CONFAC-GH is founded to operate as a people centered local non-governmental organization (NGO) that is independent, not-for-profit, non-partisan, non-religious and non-ethnic/race organization. Registered in 2013 as a local integrated civil based society organization operating under the Ghanaian companies code 1963 (act 179), CONFAC-GH vision is seeking a world of hope whereby every citizen's general well-being in the community is guaranteed equally. Our aim is to empower local communities to take action for sustainable development by increasing the community's knowledge level on sustainable development. CONFAC-GH has been working with local communities in advocating for their rights and other marginalized people. We have worked to lift the vulnerable out of their protracted poverty and provided support to needy women and children. Supporting the poorest of the poor (who mostly have low incomes and Inadequate food) to undertake sustainable community development projects aimed at improving their incomes and livelihood situation. CONFAC-GH has been promoting youth inclusion in their operations. We have been working with youth in order to  prevent especially adolescents from idleness which facilitates the indulgence in sexual adventures and crime by supporting them to form clubs in their communities. Example is the  eco-friendly clubs. 

Botswana Jobs for Graduates

Botswana Jobs for Graduates (BWJ4G) is an organization registered in October 2012 under the Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs (Section 6(1) of the Societies Act. The organization was formed to act as a remedy for addressing the escalating unemployment issues among youth in general. The organization also enhances the spirit of positive participation amongst the entire nation towards helping those in search of employment by availing direction for vacancies available in areas that are out of their reach as well as training young people on Job Readiness. Started as a social media concept through Facebook, the society has grown tremendously as it has managed to acquire its registration certificate (CR 10249) on 19 October 2012. To date, the organization has more than 500,000 members. BW Jobs 4 Graduates is mostly utilized by youth all over the country aged between 18-35 years, 52% of the youth being women and 48% men respectively. The organization is housed at Botswana National Youth Council Youth Centre in Fairgrounds. The organization has assisted over 18 000 youths to be employed since 2012 to date and has a database of unemployed youths that matches them with employers. BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES has clubs that support unemployed Adolescent Girls and Young Women with Economic Opportunities and access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, A database that links young job seekers with employers. The organization has been awarded Best Youth Initiative during Botswana Human Resource Development Council Fair 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 as well as Best Organization Supporting Youth Development, Botswana Youth Awards 2017. 

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