El Hacen Diallo, Lass Primo

El Hacen Diallo, better known by his stage name Lass Primo, is a young Mauritanian artist and activist and a member of Africans Rising, a pan-African Movement that includes more than 45 African countries. Lass Primo is a committed young man who is involved in several different areas of activity. He is the coordinator of the Pan African Mauritania Federalist Movement, a position he currently holds. He is an ambassador of Mauritanian urban culture. In December 25, 2020, in Bamako, Mali he won the art and integration prize for the African diaspora at the young leaders awards. He has participated in several social and humanitarian activities, including the Alternative World Water Forum in Dakar on March 25, 2022, and the awareness campaign on respect for freedom of expression and freedom of the politician Guy Marius Sagna, on February 1, 2020, in Dakar, Senegal. He also participated in an African Liberation Day event with the theme: "Artists, activists in Africa, what role to play in the face of the Covid 19?” He was in Tanzania in 2022 for the All African Movement Assembly.

Lorna Zita

Lorna Zita is writer, spoken word poet, cultural project manager based in Mozambique, with different collaborations in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Angola, and Brazil. She worked as editor of the anthology Best New African Poetry. In 2020 she was considered the most influential voice of Voices of African Women by I, Africa and she won the International Poetry Slam. She wrote several magazine articles for Contemporary Camp; Program based in German. 

Etienne Kas

Etienne Kas is an activist artist and musician singer performer, composer and guitarist evolving in DRCongo in Rutshuru territory since 2016 with as specialty: the Rnb, reggae, afro, gospel and rumba Congolese. Born in Rutshuru on May 18, 1996. What motivates him the most are the painful experiences of my fellow citizens and especially the children and young people of my generation who have never known peace like me. Since my involvement in conscious music I have already realized several works, concerts and participated in several mobilization events in my region and beyond... He is a volunteer musician at the local level, reconciling music and local development through animations, panel discussions between young people .... In short, I sing for the living together and my projects directly address injustices such as violence and social exclusion. What motivates me the most are the painful experiences that my fellow citizens and especially the children and young people of my generation who have never known peace like me. 

Afraa Saad

Born in Sudan 1988, Afraa Saad is a filmmaker and photographer. She studied at Al-Neelain University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Libraries and Information. She is the founding member of the Kandaka Women's Group at Al-Neelain University. She trained in Al-Watan and Al-Tayyar newspapers and worked as an assistant director and artistic director for a number of Sudanese films. Saad is Interested in humanitarian, human rights and women's issues. At the moment, she is working on the ‘Diminished Struggle’  project to reflect the participation of women in the Sudanese revolution in general, and working on documenting the lives of women in various practical fields with limited income and women working in public and political work without pay. She also works within the project team of the Democratic Center for Media and the Arts and the media office of Waey Organization. Afraa Saad is a member of the Executive Office of the Sudanese Film Group, a member of the Sudanese Film Club and Executive Office member of the Youth Forum Organization. She works on training young women in conflict areas to document violations of women through short news stories. She worked on the jury of the Khartoum Mobile Film Festival and was in the the selection committee of participants in the filmmaking workshop in the Sudan Collage Project - Kadugli. 

Percy Abain

Percy Abain is a Cameroon born singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. He is passionate about Peace building and for that reason he has been using his musical talents to raise awareness towards Peace, human right and  equality in our society. Percy holds an international music Awards for Peace by the United Nations Pitching Youth Peace Music challenge.(14th October 2022) as the first Prize Winner. He has a national Award from the University of Buea as the best in music composition, performance with a musical instrument and vocal from among all the state universities in Cameroon as a first Prize Winner. (University Festival of Arts and culture) (2019 and 2022). Percy Abain believes that music has a great role in building peace in modern time in that, the things that are being spoken always can also be put in music creatively which will make these Peace building process more interesting. For that reason, he owns a music Label as Infinity Love music and through that has been partnering with other Peace stakeholders in his country and internationally to spread the message of Peace to Humanity through entertainment. Percy Abain's Album titled GUNS and GUITARS is now available online here

Stom Wabuko

Stom Wabuko is a Kenyan artist, author of Mirror, and a talent coach. He runs a mentorship program at Kamiti YCTC (one of Kenya’s biggest prisons), where he empowers the juveniles to find confidence and speak up through art. His Spoken Word pieces touch on mental health wellbeing, social justice, human rights and democracy. He has worked with the Kenya Film Classification Board, Youth in Action to produce a poem on youth involvement in governance, a poem that was played during the UN Summit in New York in 2015, Malaria No More UK, Writers and Readers Network among others. Stom has held successful workshops in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Nigeria, and Ghana and has had his work featured in The Big Yellow Post (Ghana) and The Time Magazine (New York).

Wad Al Zain

Born and raised in Khartoum, Sudan, Wad Al-Zain, started playing music with drums, in 2009. In 2014, he discovered his voice "He Can Sing!".He started singing "casually" until 2016 when he joined Sudanese Voices Organization. Wad Learned Drums 2009. After completing Secondary school in Omdurman. He studied at the University of Technology and Computer Sciences and he did not graduate from it, because the university administration asked him to cut his hair, he decided to keep his hair to represent his identity, and he left the university. He studied Musical Theory at Ali Al-Zain musical centre after leaving university.

Laetitia Ky

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