Editar Ochieng

An unapologetic, inter-sectional and a proud African feminist and social justice activist  that champions for women rights and believes that every right in the law should be enjoyed equally.’’Defending human rights is not a choice; all human beings have power at their own level in promoting human rights". She envisions a society that enables the full development, safety, access equal rights, fair justice and self- actualization of young women. She encourages women to speak their stories, raising awareness and support by publicizing the commonality of these experiences. She has continually advocated for the realization of Women’s and Girls’ Rights as well as addressing issues around gender-based violence. She has championed the inclusion of women in peace and security plans that aim to promote peace and justice by pushing for the localizing and implementation of UN Resolution 1325. Her voice on gender equality can never be stopped, she believes that championing for gender equality in all spaces will accelerate gender parity and inclusion and to reach sustainable development goals, she urge global world to be sensitive and ensure women and girls are included meaningfully in matters of decision making and development for SDG successions as a way to bridge the existing gaps.

Désiré Mbairamadji‬

Désiré is a young Chadian born in the south of Chad in the economic capital Moundou and currently residing in N'Djamena, Chad. He holds a master's degree in business management and works at the Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale (CNPS). Being an empathetic man, with a strong sense of love for others, he created a pan-African organization AJASSA, whose goal is to promote peace and security, good governance, modern democracy, and the reintegration of youth. Thanks to his proven leadership and his passion for the issues of the youth and women of his country, Désiré saved an entire school year that was threatened to be wiped out thanks to the "save our school" movement. He helped the youth of his country to say no to the prolongation of the transition through the national synergy movement that was fighting against the prolongation of the transition. With several years of experience in good governance and peace and security in Chad, he represents the African Parliament of Civil Society in Chad. He won a prize at the 1st International Youth Forum in Morocco in the city of Agadir.

Pascal Bisimwa

Pascal is a young climate and social justice activist in the DRC, who has shown exceptional leadership and supported his peers in their struggle for the following causes: Participatory management, that should embrace the indigenous people, of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Virunga National Park; Protecting the residents of Virunga and defending the park's ecosystems; Outreach work with indigenous communities to hear peoples concerns, and educate people about the cost to themselves of fossil fuel exploration; Leading resistance in actions against fossil fuel companies attempting to exploit the park's oil, through protest, art, dance, discussions, social media and more; Leading Morale support from the community to the Congolese army, which is trying to resist the invasion of the M23 army from Rwanda; Engagement with other Organisations and leaders, including Government, NGOs,  European political parties and European Congolese diaspora.  Virunga is home to endangered wildlife, rainforest and millions of indigenous people. Currently, the park is managed and funded by the Virunga Foundation, a UK-registered charity, partly funded by the EU, and whose director is Belgian (Prince Emmanuel de Merode).  The EU, a major funder, of the Virunga Foundation, falsely presents Virunga Park as a "Business for Peace" showcase.

Oretha kou Tenway

Oretha kou Tenway is a student of Public Health at the University of Liberia and a Graduate of the Young African Leader Development Institute, a women , girl and children advocate in Liberia. Oretha kou Tenway is the founder of the Action for Girls Empowerment Inc, and she is also a Liberian Youths Representative to menEngage Africa , president of the Margibi Student's Union she is also a member of the speak out Champaign District Logistics officer for plans international Liberia LLIN project in Nimba county Yarmein_Mehnsonon District. Oretha kou Tenway is also a former legal Assistant at Survivors Aid International Liberia(SAIL),vice president for the Margibi peace committee,co_chair for the Margibi Advocacy Code Group and a Commission Ambassador for Good Goverence in Liberia.

Nkrumah Razak

Nkrumah Razak is the Executive Director of ZAK Foundation Ghana and winner of 2021 outstanding Humanitarian award of the year which was organized by Golden Excellence Awards in Ghana. His dream is a world where every youth feels part of the greater development; having a form of dignity characterized by innovativeness and strength; a World in which every youth has the visions to be responsible for their communities and build a better future. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Rural and Community Development from Presbyterian University Ghana and also holds Certificate of Fundamentals of Philanthropic Leadership from Pan-African Leadership Institute. Over the years, his organization (ZAK Foundation Ghana) has focused on building the necessary skills and competencies for young people to be self-sufficient, facilitating their transition to adulthood. The objective is to enhance youth literacy, employability, civic engagement, creativity and wellbeing. We work with other youth organizations, trainers, researchers and youth workers to improve learning and financial opportunities for young women and men in a variety of areas directly related to their development, such as life skills, technical and vocational training, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, civic participation and leadership, among others. Throughout this work, ZAK Foundation Ghana promotes equal access to quality education, training and capacity building for young women and men

Joy Hayley Munthali

Joy Hayley Munthali is a young lady aged 27 with a master’s degree in environmental sciences from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and natural resources. She leads a project called Save the Generations. The project aims at improving the lives of the youths and women in forest areas in the northern region of Malawi by providing them with training and capacity building sessions in entrepreneurship and permaculture. Through this project, youths and women are placed  in cooperatives of 40-50, each cooperative is registered and they are linked to financial resources. Some of the youth cooperatives are linked to Tawonga Cooking Oil Enterprise which provides the Youth cooperatives with cooking oil and animal feeds to sell and gain the commission without being charged any interest within the time limit of 8-12 months. 

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