2022 Nominee Profiles

Activist of the Year

Désiré Mbairamadji‬

Conservationist and CIVIC’s Head of Community Engagemen

Editar Ochieng

unapologetic, inter-sectional and a proud African feminist and social justice activist

Pascal Bisimwa

Pascal is a young climate and social justice activist in the DRC

Oretha kou Tenway

student of Public Health at the University of Liberia and a Graduate of the Young African Leader Development Institute

Nkrumah Razak

Executive Director of ZAK Foundation Ghana and winner of 2021 outstanding Humanitarian award of the year

Joy Hayley Munthali

Joy Hayley Munthali is a young lady aged 27 with a master’s degree in environmental sciences from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and natural resources.

Movement of the Year

Together for society (T4S)

Environment Africa

Education in Crisis (EIC)

Concern for Action in Our Community Ghana

Botswana Jobs for Graduates

New Vision

XR Goma University

Artistic Activist of the Year

Lorna Zita

Writer, spoken word poet, cultural project manager based in Mozambique

El Hacen Diallo (Lass Primo)

Lass Primo, is a young Mauritanian artist and activist and a member of Africans Rising

Afraa Saad

Artist Activist

Percy Abain

Cameroon born singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer

Laetitia Ky

Elphas Rey

Stom Wabuko

Kenyan artist, author of Mirror, and a talent coach

Wad Al Zain

Born and raised in Khartoum, Sudan, Wad Al-Zain, started playing music with drums, in 2009

Etienne Kas

activist artist and musician singer performer, composer and guitarist

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